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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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I remember enough from my high school Spanish classes that Argentina Me Gusta translates to "Argentina I Like." I've never been there before, but if the country is indeed filled with women who are even half as hot as the ones shown here, then it's an Argentina that I like, too!

You don’t see their faces all that much, but I doubt your eyes would have been gravitating to that part of their bodies anyway. That's because the focus on ArgentinaMeGusta is on how these babes wear crazy-tight clothing. I wouldn't say it's tight enough to cut off their circulation, but it's certainly enough to give us an incredible look at their big, round asses and sweet pussies right through the fabric.

More accurately, you get a good look at the shape of everything. To say there are camel toes and wedgies here is really an understatement. Even when the sexy Latinas peel themselves out of their super-tight sweat pants, you get the same treatment from the panties and thongs (assuming the underwear hasn't become completely lost inside the model's muff and/or butt, that is).

You'll see your fair share of nudity and even some light lesbian action, but the main attraction is always the great booties being shown off in the tight clothing. A decent number of the 227 movies follow the babe outside, while the rest are set indoors. Not all of the content is exclusive.

Each movie is available in a series of three to four clips. Beneath that list is a handful of screenshots to give you an idea as to what goes on in the scene. You can download sets of vid caps, but there aren't any photo sets to look through. The clips come in a good-quality MP4 format as well as high-def AVI files that tend to get better in quality depending on how new a movie is.

The entire members' area consists of nothing but the movie section. Thanks to the pagination, browsing the content is easy, but the site is nothing to write home about in terms of design. Also, there is no search engine or a way to save your favorites. You also don't get any extras.

While the content isn't dated in the members' area, the tour does tell you when the newest movie was posted. It also tells you that you can expect to get something new twice a week. Given the growth of the site since we last gave it a look, it seems as though the website is telling the truth about how often it adds new scenes.

Argentina Me Gusta has a unique take on Latina porn that you will likely enjoy, but it does have a few issues that cost it some points. Given the very high quality and unique theme, it's worth overlooking the site's problems.

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  • Comment by: John

    Score: 80% Date: 08/28/2014

    What "David" says is not true. The site has more than 40 models. Out door shots, teens, different types of tight pants, Lycra, Spandex, Jeans, Denim, Shorts, Long, Cycling, etc. Lot of other hot action like upskirts, topless, voyeur, peeing, flashing etc.
    And the files separation is just to help the ones that has slow Inet conection. Also the site provides 2 different qualitys, FullHD and iPod.
    So i believe is a really good site. Always with new ideas on tight clothing and hot girls.

  • Comment by: David

    Score: 39% Date: 04/19/2014

    As a fan of cameltoes, tight clothing, and sexy women I was looking forward to subscribing to Argentina Me Gusta. I would certainly give them credit for focusing on this simple fetish, which is not always easy to find dedicated sites for.

    But here are my concerns with this site: While the women are reasonably attractive, they cover or otherwise avoid revealing their faces. They also cycle between a very small selection of women, perhaps five or so. Very little variety. The clips are broken into three sections, so the site is reminiscent of 80s technology.

    So, while I was anxious to find a site with my favorite fetish, I think there are other sites, that, while not being exclusively cameltoes and tight clothes, would offer much more in the realm of good looking women and better production value. This site, despite my expectations, was an utter disappointment. Better just to check out the clips smattered across the internet and be done with it. Not worth the money to subscribe at this stage - even if cameltoes and tight clothes are your thing.