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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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While porn is filled with dudes ejaculating all over women, there are many ladies out there who can also cover faces and floors in wetness when they orgasm and some of those babes can be found right here on Squirt A Mania.

SquirtAMania is another site from Porno Dan and if any of you are familiar with his other sites then you know what you are in for. Dan is a funny guy with a big personality and his scenes are always fun and carefree. They begin with Dan saying hello and chatting back and forth with the girl and the cameraman. It is all relaxed and humorous and everyone is having a good time. Then the scene progresses to the reason we are all here - the squirting.

Sometimes the chick, or chicks, suck and fuck Dan while they are trying to squirt, but usually that comes after they have at least squirted once with the help of vibrating toys and Dan's mouth and fingers. As far as the squirting goes, some of these babes gush, while others just get really wet and their actual "squirt" is less impressive.

As I write this there are 72 videos. They can be enjoyed as clips and as full-length flicks. The clips are only available in an MP4 format, but the full vids can be saved as average-quality MP4s and good-quality Windows Media files You can also stream them in three different formats.

There are also 35 photo sets. Some might actually be comprsied of video captures instead, but rest assured that there are indeed high-res pictures to be found inside the galleries. You can download the sets in Zip files and view them in slideshows.

The content isn't dated, but 16 vids have been added to the collection since September 2012. If the website is still updating, it isn't doing so nearly enough, so it's a good thing that your membership comes with access to the many sites that make up a network called The Stall. It's comprised of more Porno Dan sites like Fuck A Fan and Blowjob Winner.

With better quality movies, Squirt A Mania is now a decent site and one that you can give some thought to joining. It isn't perfect by any means, but it does have some things going for it and the extras make a membership a little more tempting than it might otherwise be.

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