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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Once you are inside her site there isn't much info about her, but on her tour page Nikki Jackson has a bio section and there you can learn a little about her and the steps she took that brought her to the place she is now - with her own site and an incredibly fit body.

When she was 19, NikkiJackson was in need of some extra cash, so she decided to enter a "Hot Bodies" contest. Well, she won and that lead to her winning another contest at a local topless bar, which lead to her being a house dancer at the bar, which lead to her deciding to enhance her boobs up to a 38DD (from a 36C). She was soon getting featured in a bunch of adult magazines and eventually she decided to create her own website. And that brings us to today and me reviewing said website.

Now, there is no doubting how hot Nikki is. And while she has always been a fit girl, she recently got really interested in fitness and her work at the gym is paying off big time. I have no doubt that she could now kick the ass of probably 80 percent of the guys who join her site. Looking at her content it is fun to check out her older material and see her when she was blonde and slim as opposed to now when she is brunette and super fit. Although this is where I get a little confused.

You see, on her tour page bio she states that she started her site in 2000. However, the content is only dated back to 2010. Many of the videos are copywritten earlier than that, though. I watched one dated 2006 and another 2003, just as two examples. All I can think is that her site has had many incarnations and the current one is only a few years old and she started it by adding scenes she had previously recorded. Not that that is a bad thing. Seeing her various looks and her progression is a pleasure.

And it would be more so if the older content was better in quality. Instead, the older videos look pretty average at best. Thankfully, she has not only improved her body over the years, but her videos as well and everything added in the last four months looks good. Prior to that it had been about eight months without any updating, so it appears that she took that time off to work out and work on making higher-quality movies.

There are 58 photo sets and 96 videos. All the videos offer a streaming option and those recent ones also come with a portable MP4 download. Her content is, and has always been, mostly solo stripping and masturbating with some hot blowjob episodes and a few lesbo scenes thrown in. Since she started updating again she has been adding a new movie every two to four weeks. She does do a live cam show for members each week, which is always a nice thing.

There is a "bonus sites" section and a dropdown that takes you to a "network hub." However, I checked out both areas and found no bonus content. So maybe it is on the way, but it ain't there yet. And I think the same can be said for her site in general.

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