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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Female Fighting is always such a novelty for people. Guys get really into female boxing, they rush outside when two chicks decide to take each other on and don't get me started on how their eyes light up when one woman starts being catty to another. You know they're just waiting for the claws to come out.

This particular female fight site pits two Asian cuties against each other in wrestling scenes. Before you break out the popcorn and pull up a ring-side seat, however, let me tell you a bit more.

You won't have to fight to get around the site, which is great. You sign in and can browse the images or the movies in their own section and there's some extra content that you can access from the top-menu bar. I'll tell you right now that you aren't able to download the 26 average-looking movies and the images are only vid caps taken from the scenes. Talk about a one-two punch to the gut right there.

The scenes usually open with two Asian hotties already at it or one is sitting there and the other enters and attacks! Well, attack might be a strong word. All the movies I streamed were on the tamer side, even though the tour claims there's smothering and punching. I did see a buttload of choking, headlocks, half and full nelsons and arm stretching, but I didn't see any slapping or punching.

All the girls are dressed in sports bras and panties and don't think you'll see a nipple slip or patch of vag because you won't. There isn't much talking in the films, but when there is it's not in English. Many of the girls are choked until they pass out and the victorious performer will stand up and look down at her opponent. Every time you stream a flick, you'll have to put in your login information, which was tedious in my opinion.

The lack of recent updates (there's been nothing added in over two months now) was the roundhouse kick to my jaw. I mean, the content is exclusive, so I can understand that the site has to take breaks to actually make more of it, but at least provide some bonus content so your members can keep busy. They give you 20 erotic stories and 27 adult games, but you'll have to upgrade your membership (as in pay more) to get additional porn sites.

If you're looking for hardcore Female Fighting, including blood, sweat and tears, this site won't measure up. There are many things that it could do to get its score up, though, like adding downloadable content and updating more frequently. Right now, this site just isn't a knockout for me.

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