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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Ropes bite into their supple flesh, their muscles quiver as they struggle to get free and they moan as it eventually dawns on them how it is virtually impossible to get away. This is what is happening on Struggling Babes. Not only are the sexy girls trussed up like a Thanksgiving bird, but they're usually groped and fondled during the scene, too.

Does the image of a slim redhead in a white strapless dress tied to a chair sound enticing? Her ruby-red lips are parted and a red ball gag protrudes from her mouth. She looks woefully into the camera as she wiggles around, drools and sobs loudly. her heeled feet slip on the floor and she can't get a good grip. She is gasping in frustration and her cries get more frenzied. Turned on yet?

If you're finding that you're more than aroused right now, you'll likely enjoy the 232 movies that StrugglingGirls has to offer. There is no nudity in that particular flick, but some of the others have boob grabbing, nipple clamping and masturbation with toys. Most of the films are good in quality and newer ones are in HD.

You won't have any trouble getting around the site. Sign in, click "movies" from the top-menu bar and you'll have all the videos right in front of you spread across multiple pages. The older content doesn't have dates, but the newer porn does and from this I can deduce that you'll be getting nine new movies a month. You won't, however, get any photos.

I have seen many a bondage site in my time and must admit that these sites walk a very fine line. You do have to make sure your material is fresh and doesn't get too boring, yet you want to stick to one theme. The collection here has a good mix. From a freezer to a pile of hay, they give you variety, both in setting and in performer. They have a handful of keyword tags on the scenes that help to filter the material.

Sometimes the cameraman's hand comes into frame and he pinches a nipple or slaps an ass, and other times a man will bring in a struggling woman and tie her up. I also saw a scene where an attractive girl was groped by another female. She was almost hanging from the ceiling by her arms, and her legs were bound together as well. She was all but helpless as her female tormentor fondled her body and attached clamps to her tender breasts.

Struggling Babes has the goods in the quality and quantity departments and they provide an alluring array of helpless damsels in distress. Just be aware that there isn't much of a plot in the films and may of the movies start right up with the woman tied up. The monthly fee is pretty reasonable too.

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