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Updated on: 07/06/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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When you say a girl is "in trouble" it can be euphemism for an unplanned pregnancy. However, Straight Men In Trouble isn't out about hetero hunks with a surprise bun in the oven. Though you will see straight dudes who end up getting some surprises on and in between their buns. That's because they get tied up, gagged and blindfolded and then their butts are beaten and dildos are shoved up their virgin assholes.

There's no members' area login. Instead, you need to click on a scene and that will prompt you to enter your username and password. I'm telling you this so you can avoid the frustration I experienced trying to figure it out. To further add to the confusion, the "join" link remains at the top of every page even after being signed in. Also, the site is kind of unappealing in its design and looks quite dated.

If you've ever fantasized about what you'd do to a straight guy if he'd let you have your way with him then you'll be in heaven when you see this collection. The hetero boys on StraightMenInTrouble allow their limits to really be tested. If in my intro it sounded as though they would only be submitted to punishment let me clarify that there's some pleasure involved too.

In many of the 220 videos the guys manage to get a hard-on despite the rough treatment. It helps of course that the men who are dominating them often give them handjobs and even if some try to pretend that they're not into it, their big juicy cumshots say differently.

You'll see it all rather clearly, because many of the videos offer HD downloads. Those that don't are still good in quality though. Most of the videos are split into parts, but there are some full-length downloads here and there. There are only vid caps, but some of them aren't too blurry. The interface is quite simplistic, so you can't save your favorites, post comments or rate the content. There's no search engine or keyword tags, either.

You'll see scenarios play out with jocks and coaches and bosses and their underlings, and you'll also see at least one guy dressed as a prince in tights and a few guys wearing kilts. A lot of the hetero models are beefy musclemen and I like how in most shoots their bodies are slowly revealed as their clothes, including their boxer briefs and jocks, are torn off or cut open with scissors. You'll also see some nice red asses from spankings and beatings with a whip or paddle.

I find the first month's membership a bit expensive compared to lots of other sites out there, but the recurring rate is more reasonable. Besides, Straight Men In Trouble offers BDSM scenes that you won't easily find elsewhere.

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