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Updated on: 06/30/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Since we last visited ReluctantYoungMen...

  • They update weekly these days and there's a good amount available now.
  • There are also way more HD videos, which has caused the score to increase.

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When you first see the sitename you might think it refers to youthful males having reservations about exploring new avenues in their sexuality. I suppose that could be true, but it turns out that it's not in your typical straight-versus-gay way. While watching a video of a muscular tattooed stud getting his rump reddened with a bamboo switch, the cameraman explains, "The site is called Reluctant Young Men, because young men reluctantly agree to a spanking."

A lot of sites with fetish themes don't really keep real. They sort of water the action down and then add in more run-of-the-mill sex acts to broaden their mainstream market appeal. That's not the case with ReluctantYoungMen, though, so anyone who wants pure punishment should be happy. However, they do mix things up as sometimes they roleplay and other times it's just straight-up ass beating until that butt is black and blue.

The pages of content don't all have the same amount of movies per page, so if my count is a little off you'll have to forgive me. With that being said, there are about 240 movies and these days they look to be updating weekly.

The older videos are split up into parts, but it looks like for the last little while they've been adding full-length scenes in HD quality, as opposed to the good quality for those older scenes. There's no embedded player to stream them, but you'll find small vid caps for each.

The first video I checked out had a handsome young jock buck-naked and being smacked with a wooden hairbrush by a middle-aged father figure for smoking in his house. In another video a bodybuilder is quite mouthy and it's fun to hear the cameraman challenge his manhood by telling him how some skinny weakling took his punishment more like a man than he did.

That exchange seems pretty lighthearted, but you will see some guys get a bit broken. For example, a cute redhead caught my eye. He was also completely nude and having his bottom beat with the same wooden hairbrush. He's made to count the spanks out loud and then say thank you. He gets all 25 done before being told that the numbers were in the wrong order. He seems almost defeated when made to start over.

The site isn't that attractive design-wise (it has a pretty simple interface that's lacking in bells of whistles), but getting around is easy enough. There are also no bonuses and a membership is a bit pricey. Still, Reluctant Young Men has exclusive spanking and punishment porn that justifies paying a bit more.

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