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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Adonis was a Greek mythological god who embodied beauty and desire. Body Adonis certainly had me overcome with beauty and desire as I stared at bulging biceps, muscled backs, ripped abdomens, sinewy thighs and taut bums. This site is focused on muscle worship and fantasy and there's a good amount of variety, so let's get right to the good stuff.

You'll see buff bodybuilders, lean jocks and athletic dudes posing, working out, getting their amazing bods massaged and engaging in roleplay. There's more than one Tarzan scenario (I'd gladly play Jane) and a few men are bound in ropes, cages or cuffs and writhe against their bonds, giving you a glimpse of every ravishing ripple. You'll see water cascading down hard-bodies hotties as they shower and there's wrestling matches as well.

Just as the male stars on BodyAdonis are rather large, so is the collection. There aren't any photos, but you can expect a total of 1,595 movies and 49 bonus ones. They are rather short, however, and they can only be streamed, but look good overall. There is an "HD" section that houses 120 videos and the rest are in an "archives section." Since this library is so massive, it would be nice to have a way to search or filter the material, but there isn't one.

The site is very simple to navigate. The sections are all listed along the top and the videos are presented with large preview images, so you can check out the buff gentleman you're about to ogle. I watched one nude dude frolic amid huge hay bales and then flex his muscles trying to roll one over. There's also some tasty behind-the-scenes footage at a bodybuilder's competition. And if you like twins who exercise together, check out Alex and Chris. HOT!

Some dudes don't show off their privates and delicately hide them with briefs or towels. There was no sexual touching really, except for some massaging and wrestling. A handful of scenes had women doing the touching. You should also know that none of the movies are dated, so an update schedule can't be determined at the moment. Music plays over some scenes and others have dialogue, but I think it's in German.

Body Adonis has a standard price and you're certainly getting enough for your money. But the factors that drag the site's score down are that you can't save any of the videos and they make it tough to find something specific. If they can remedy those two things, I think they will really muscle in on the competition.

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