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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Sport Hunks gives you a variety of buff bods to ogle. If you've always appreciated sinewy thighs, rock-hard, dimpled buttocks and smooth, tanned biceps and pecs, then these men will surely get your blood pumping. Not only do they allow you to watch them pose, flex, oil up their bods and shower, but you'll also catch intimate blowjobs and rimming, bondage, wrestling, cock jerking and cumming.

The tour page for SportHunks shows you pictures of Sven the ice skater, Oliver the soccer player, Jim the judo fighter and Brutus the hockey player, but once you get inside, the content isn't quite so organized. It's sizzling hot, don't get me wrong, but you can't really search for the model you saw on the tour. Actually, all the movies are just lumped together on several pages.

And all you're going to get is movies, as you won't find any photos. All 135 videos are presented with a large thumbnail and clicking on it will open up a page where you can stream the video in Flowplayer. Most of the movies looked good. My favorite hunk has a very alluring bottom and I watched him move around very sensually while "sleeping" nude. He is on his stomach when the scene begins and is soon caressing his chiseled chest and arms.

Another video involves a buff bodybuilder-type getting a massage from an equally muscled masseur. As the masseur runs his strong hands over all that body, you can tell he is getting aroused. The client on the table is also feeling the same, and he's soon groping the masseur's cock through his underwear. Blowjobs and rimming ensue, as well as nipple licking and kissing.

Since the material is so varied, it would have been helpful to have an advanced search or keyword tags to filter the content to just one kind of act, like cock sucking, masturbating, cum on stomach, etc. I also would have liked to see some dates on the films. Because of their absence, I can't discern how often they add new porn. Yuu'll also have to rely on the "back" button to get back to the main colleciton.

Some of the movies bear another sitename, so the content isn't 100% exclusive. It also obviously loses points for the lack of downloadable movies and photographs. Still, these athletic men make my pulse race and they give you a decent amount of good-looking gay porn.

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