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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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I don't think you have to try too hard to figure out what British Pink has in store for you. The "pink" is referring to the cooch, although you'll see quite a bit of peen, too, and all the performers are randy Brits. Girls get it on with other horny girls, threesomes erupt where a babe takes on two erect peckers and there's also anal, preggo banging, gangbangs and bukkake. Blimey!

Getting around BritishPink is easy-peasy. You sign in and all the 26 movies are spread over a few pages. When you peruse the pages, though, you'll see that there are more than 26 preview images and that's because some of these updates are pictures (11 galleries to be exact). 

If you want to download the movies, you can do just that in AVI format. If you wanted to save the space on your computer and just stream them, you'll be up shit's creek, my friend, as that is not an option here. The videos range in quality, but it seems that the majority of them are great. You can also read up a bit on what to expect from the scene description.

Yes, the amount of content isn't overwhelming and with no dates on the material I can't even tell you how often you'll get more, but I would like you to note that the movies are quite long, usually over an hour and a half. You get a few scenes on each DVD and they involve good hardcore and lesbian fare, like facials, toying, pussy licking and deep-throat cock sucking. By the way, none of the content is exclusive.

The site doesn't have a search engine or provide any way to filter the porn. This may not be the biggest deal now since twentysomething movies isn't all that tedious to click through, but it could become tiring when the amount grows.

I find it odd that they don't tag the videos or put them in categories in the members' area since they advertise the niches in a menu-like design on the tour page. They also list the movies down the side of the page, but these aren't linked to simplify getting to each film. The only things besides the movies are links to other Brit sex sites and a dating site. You also should note that you can only save five movies a day.

I like the concept and, of course, Brit chicks are super hot, but there are a few things dragging this site's score down, like the lack of dates, streaming format and exclusive content.

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