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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Remember the song "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette? "It's meeting the man of my dreams/And then meeting his beautiful wife." Don't you just hate the pain and strife caused when that happens in real life? Well from what I've seen on Czech Gay Casting, before turning to drink (being sure to avoid the fly in your chardonnay), you might think twice and simply ask the man how his girlfriend feels about him sleeping with men. Apparently, Czech chicks don't mind if their BFs suck dick.

You see, many of the performers on CzechGayCasting claim to be in relationships with women. What I appreciate is that unlike similar sites in the U.S., here the straight boys don't even pretend to not like cock. Some of them do consider themselves bi, but others don't feel they need to classify their sexuality. They don't come across as latent homosexuals either, but rather just cool dudes who can appreciate another hunk's naked body because it's natural to do so.

This makes the content much more appealing to me, because when I fantasize about a straight stud I don't like to imagine him doing anything that he's not into. I like the idea of him being so horny that he'll let any pair of moist lips wrap around his pole and will then either fuck any nearby hole or be so turned on that he wants to experience the feeling of another hunk's manhood inside him. In the case of these Czech hotties money obviously serves as further incentive.

There are 75 videos that can be downloaded and streamed as average-quality MP4s. However, the better option is to download them in the Windows Media file, because that gives you high-def playback. Below the rather basic embedded Flash player you will find pics and all 75 photo sets have a couple of high-res viewing options, but they don't come with Zip files.

The scenes all start with the prospective performers sitting on a white couch in a white room. They get interviewed in what I presume is Czech, but there are English subtitles. Then they pose for some photos in their underwear before stripping them off to show us the goods. There's usually an oily massage followed by a blowjob. Sometimes the wannabe gets sucked off and other times he gives head. A scene might end with masturbation and a cumshot.

Other times you'll see anal sex and it really does seem to be shot on the fly. Why do I think that? Let's just say that sometimes the butt fucking gets a bit messy and generally when it's planned well in advance they take precautions to avoid things getting too real. Again, the auditioning dude might lube up his dick and stick it into the interviewer, but you'll also see the reverse. Whoever is being serviced or doing the penetration normally holds the camera, but most of the time the POV footage stays relatively in focus.

You can't sort or rate the content, save your favorites, or leave comments. There are no keyword tags either, so you're left reading the descriptions that don't always make it clear whether the stud being casted is a Top or a bottom. To make matters worse, the site hasn't added anything new since August 2013, so you'll be glad that you get bonus access to Czech Gay Solarium and Czech Gay Toilets. Still, Czech Gay Casting offers enough to keep you entertained for at least at month.

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