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Updated on: 05/31/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • There was an increase in videos, but the site has been rotating content for a while now. The number of photo sets, which can now be downloaded in Zip files, has remained steady since 2013.

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Some may find the sitename Teens And Twinks a tad redundant. Generally when you think of twinks, you image a teen (or someone in his early 20s). You might make the argument that not all teens are twinks. After all, lots of young men have jock bodies that are more muscular than slim. Furthermore, they might have some body and/or facial hair, which is not very twink-like. However, all these details are irrelevant.

You see, in the case of TeensAndTwinks all the boys tend to fit into the standard definition of twink. Sure, some of them are less skinny, but no one here is really what I'd consider a full-on jock even if some are more toned. Don't get me wrong, because I'm not complaining. I hold nothing against young, slim hunks with boyish faces. Actually, I'd love to have something held against some of them, if you know what I mean.

There are 114 videos, which is several more than we found the last time. Most of them offer good-quality playback, though some are in HD. They can be downloaded in an MP4 format and streamed in an embedded player. It may look like a new movie is being added every couple of weeks, but in reality they rotate the content.

The videos all seem to be solo affairs, with boys appearing clothed and then taking off their pants. They teasingly lift their shirts before peeling them right off and reaching into their boxers to pull out their cocks. Then they take off their underwear to show off their butts and pull on their schlongs until they blow their loads. My fave was Akelo who had a more developed upper body. He fingered his butthole while stroking himself and ended up covering his pecs with his cum.

You can also check out 192 photo galleries and you can now download them in Zip files. Just make sure that you turn off the automatic image resizing to see the pictures in all their high-res glory. Here's where you'll see some blowjobs and anal play even if most pics focus on masturbation. Those that have sex don't always end in a money shot, though. It's been a long time since the last photo update.

There are video feeds included with a membership and you also get access to a bonus site called Tribal Twinks. You can enjoy some live shows as well and there are even recorded performances that you can have fun with even though the performers aren't usually twinks. In fact, given that they're older and buffer, with facial and body hair, they're pretty much the polar opposite.

Teens And Twinks is a worthwhile site, especially if you like masturbation as much - or more - than hardcore action. It sucks that the site is rotating content, but the good still outweighs the bad.

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