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Updated on: 03/07/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • The dates are recent, but the amounts haven't changed by much. They basically recycle this older Score content to keep costs low and provide users with classic Score scenes.

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"S2: Boobment Day." Or maybe "The Score Fan Rises"? Oh, don't mind me. I'm just trying to figure out what Scoreland 2 would be called if it were a big Hollywood movie sequel. But I suppose that's not really the best analogy. This isn't a sequel or even a sister site, it's more of a "best of" anthology at a reduced price.

The people who make up the Score Empire have been producing porn for over 20 years. To celebrate their anniversary, they launched Scoreland2 ("Quantum of Titties?" No.) It's a collection of what the producers feel are the best scenes to ever find their way onto Scoreland as well as content from other sites they run. They even describe them as their own personal "go-to scenes" and here you can watch them at a lower price.

There are 494 movies that can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded in several MP4 and Windows Media formats, including one meant for mobile devices. The streams look pretty decent and a good percentage of the videos come with an HD option for both streaming and downloading. ("Score Hard With a Vengeance!" Nah.)

All the babes have big boobs, but the action varies. Some busty beauties have sex with a hung stud, others fool around with their big-tit girlfriends and a few even get into sexy foursomes and moresomes. Since each movie is accompanied by a set of high-res photos, you'll get lots of great shots of gigantic juggs and the galleries can all be downloaded in Zip files.

Each scene has a lengthy write-up of 400+ words that gives you a behind-the-scenes or director's commentary vibe. ("The Quest for Peace and a Spectacular Rack"? Yeah, even I think that one's lame.) There are some bonus scenes to enjoy, but you don't get access to any other sites. Also, they're updating frequently, but they basically recycle the content. It's not bad, though, because this site isn't about giving you new content, it's about keeping the classic Score scenes affordable for hardcore fans.

Even though you won't see anything here that hasn't been seen before they do remaster the content and the site still earns its title of having some of the best big-titty scenes on the Internet. With that in mind, I recommend you try it out. (I got it! "Scoreland 2: Electric Boobaloo!")

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  • Comment by: ccjkm

    Score: 20% Date: 03/01/2016

    Thank you for your recent review, especially the comment:

    "The site has actually gotten a bit smaller, so they're probably rotating content."

    Rotating content is a practice The Score Group uses a lot. Many of their sites haven't had any new content in years, Tits & Tugs, Big it Hooker, Big Tit POV, and now Scoreland 2? I nearly joined again until seeing your comment. Thanks again.

    Con - terrible update procedure - if there actually are any,
    Pro - nice tits.