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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Some of my friends say that the reason strip clubs don't really appeal to me is because I review porn sites for a living. However, it's actually due to the fact that I find the action to be too soft. It takes a real beauty to pull off a striptease, in my opinion, so normally I prefer sex shows. If you agree with me on that front, then Untamed Shows is exactly what you need.

UntamedShows isn't just another hardcore site - it gives you footage taken from various porn conventions (judging by the banners, German ones). This means the action has professional performers having sex in front of a live audience (taped live for us, so just pretend it's the porn equivalent of a '90s sitcom).

That doesn't mean you won't see any stripteases. In fact, many of the scenes start off with them before moving on to blowjobs, lesbian sex and hardcore fucking. In some instances, female fans are brought up on stage to be felt up while being treated to a lap dance from a male performer, while some of the female models bring up dudes to lick their pussies and suck on their nipples.

The design is kind of barebones, but not to the point of being ugly. The navigation, however, is clunkier than you might like. There are no filtering options and the only way to distinguish one scene from another is to rely on a single thumbnail (there are no images anywhere else on the site, by the way).

To make matters worse, the movies are all broken up into a series of clips and scattered about, which makes it tough to watch the parts in chronological order. It also makes it tough to get you an exact count, but it's probably safe to say that you get about 50 videos (there are 89 clips in all). They can all be streamed and downloaded in MP4 files, with the stream being offered in three sizes. But be sure to stick with the smallest one. The larger you go, the blurrier and choppier it becomes.

The downloads are all available as high-def files. They generally look pretty sweet, but some movies are more pixelated than their bit rates suggest. There are also some focus issues on account of how some of the cameras had to zoom in in order to get the performance on tape.

The upcoming scenes are dated in a way that suggests new content is added every day. However, the scene that was the newest back in August 2012 is now scheduled for February 2014. In other words, they're rotating their content and the website isn't actually growing at all.

You're free to check out the entire Wank Pass network and it has more sex-show sites like Scandal Shows and Strip Club Cheaters, as well as other sites. Those extras add value to your membership, but it doesn't look like Untamed Shows offers you enough to keep you around for long.

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