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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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They say that good things come in small packages. I suppose the ever-opinionated "they" must be referring to either Gemma Little's height or her last name. That's because this cutie is a petite tease who likes showing off her boobs. That's a very good thing, in my opinion, but would you consider playful exhibitionism to be a package?

Speaking of which, my package got good and hard once I saw GemmaLittle making out with her friends. For the most part, she tends to strip and pose by herself, but fairly often you'll catch her groping and being groped in lesbian shoots. The girl-on-girl action is quite soft, though, with nipple licking being the most hardcore act you'll see.

You'll see Gemma posing in and stripping out of various outfits. There are PJ shoots (a long T-shirt over nothing at all), leather dresses, evening gowns, bikinis galore and several nurse and schoolgirl uniforms. You always get a great look at her boobs and butt, but any shot of her pussy would be purely by accident as she rarely takes off her panties and usually just shows you her booty when she finally does.

The site is easy enough to navigate, but that's partly due to there not being much content to surf through. You only get one average-quality movie and it's barely over three minutes long. Like in one of the photo sets, it shows Gemma and a gal pal making out while fully caked in, well, cake. You see, they were trying to bake, but ended up being covered head to toe in it before having a naked makeout session. (That's the main reason I shop at bakeries instead of making the food myself.)

Needless to say, the photo section is where most of the action can be found - although there ain't much there either. The site advertises 37 sets, but as some of them are broken up into parts, it's more like 32 photo galleries. Each contains about 60 photos, but you you can't save any of them in Zip folders. That's a shame because the pics are all high-res and well lit.

The content is dated so that it looks new, but you can't believe what you see, as the site isn't updating at all these days. Given this, it's great that members can access the entire Girlies Pass network of over 30 sites including ones that showcase other individual models like Chloe Coed, Alicia Dreams, Lucy Lust and Emily Star.

The network as a whole is somewhat appealing, but there's definitely not enough of Gemma Little to keep you satisfied. You'll love her photo spreads, but there aren't enough of them - or videos - to make a membership worthwhile.

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