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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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I've met some "bossy teen bitches" over the years, but none quite like the ones on 18 Dom. These 18-year-olds enjoy being cruel to macho guys and punishing them in a variety of ways. If you get off on seeing cute chicks dominate guys, you're almost sure to enjoy the material.

It isn't hard to locate the content on 18Dom, because it's all laid out for you on the homepage. Start from the top and scroll your way down the page to see everything that's available to you. There are only nine episodes right now, so the manner in which the website displays its content works fine for the moment.

The scenes all have two girls teaming up to humiliate guys. In most cases the men have done something to anger them, but there are instances where the chicks are cruel just for the fun of it. You'll see the babes restraining the guys, gagging them, smacking them, sitting on their faces, flogging them and forcing them to worship their feet. Don't feel too bad for the dudes, though, because the Dommes also give them handjobs, suck their dicks and ride their cocks. 

Each scene is represented by a large preview image and there's a brief write-up, which is actually quite helpful, because none of the performers speak English and the films aren't subtitled. When you click on a thumb, you land on a page from which you can access videos, vid caps and photos.

You can enjoy the videos as full-length films and clips. Furthermore, you can stream and download both the full-length and shorter clips. You have the option of downloading them in three formats. There are high-def MP4 and Windows Media files and there are also MP4s that work great with mobile devices.

Much like the movies, the pictures are pretty impressive. They are always crisp and clear and give you some great shots of the girls and all the naughty things they do. You can save them in Zip files.

There are no extras, but there is a section labeled "movie feeds" that sits empty. Perhaps that means there's some bonus material on the way. Let's hope that's the case because this website could certainly use more content, but it isn't clear how often they update.

With everything mentioned above, I think it's clear that 18 Dom is on its way to becoming a great site. There's still room for improvement and there's certainly room for growth, so the website will be worth joining once it has more to offer members.

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