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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Some of you might be familiar with the name Staxus. Some of you might also be aware that they are one of the biggest European gay porn producers. Whether you are familiar with them or not, this site is a great place to see this hot gay content.

What they do is bareback twink porn. That is their bread and butter and what they have been doing for over 10 years now and you can find a whole lot of it right on this site.

When you sign in you will see the latest updates on the left-hand side of the page and a list of categories on the right. Also on the right is a link to an advanced search engine that you can use to find scenes that feature excatly what you want to see.

There used to be separate video and photo sections, but nowadays there's only an area devoted to movies. Some of the flicks come with pictures and some of them don't. There are 1,533 videos and about 881 photo sets as I write this. The website updates every two days, so those numbers are always changing for the better.

I obviously couldn't watch every scene, but I did check out quite a few and I can tell you that you are going to be getting some good hardcore bareback twink action here. Okay, some of the scenes I watched used condoms, so it isn't 100% bareback.

Some of the scenes create a mood with music and a little acting (two lovers in a hotel room, a hitchhiker taken for a "rough ride", etc.), while others seem to have started before the camera was even turned on. One scene I checked out faded into some dude getting a dildo shoved up his ass.

The photo sets offer themselves up for download in Zip files. As for the videos, they can be streamed in an embedded Flash player and downloaded in two or more MP4 formats. The vids being posted these days are in Full HD.

Staxus makes great European twink porn and some of it is exclusive, so I feel that their site is a worthy place to experience it. Plus, you get a choice of two membership options - one gives you unlimited streaming and the other offers you both streams and downloads.


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