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A.K. Anderson 

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I believe in being a good person and helping out my fellow man. Usually that means holding doors, letting people in a rush cut in front of me in lines and leaving waiters good tips when I eat at restaurants. But every so often, helping my fellow man means fucking my fellow man's wife. Okay, so I've only been asked to do that twice in my life, but, hey, two is better than none, right?

I bring this up because the idea of guys getting other dudes to bang their wives is the premise behind Help My Wife, where older men with young trophy wives just can't keep up with them sexually. So in order to keep them happy they pay virile studs to give their ladies a good, hard pounding (while the old guys watch). In case you were wondering, no, I didn't get paid for my services on those two occasions.

When you sign in you will see the most recent episode at the top of the page and to see more all you need do is scroll down the page and click through the content, of which there are currently 10 episodes.

Each episode comes with a set of high-res pictures and a video that you can stream in an embedded Flash player and download in multiple formats, including a portable one and an HD Windows Media file.

Each scene also comes with a write-up describing the scenario. These might come in handy given that the scenes are from Eastern Europe and there aren’t any subtitles, although nothing is really that hard to follow whether you speak the language or not.

The site is very new, which explains the small amount of content. However, all of it was added a little over a month ago and since then they haven't updated even once, which doesn't give me warm feelings about the future growth of the site. But at least you get access to two bonus sites: His Mommy and My Sons GF.

The high-quality videos and hot babes do make for an appealing experience, but with so little content, Help My Wife just can't get a recommendation yet, even with the bonus sites. If it starts to grow, though, that could change.

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  • Comment by: Mikey

    Score: 85% Date: 07/17/2012

    Site is excellent in nearly all respects. The only problem is its small size. It appears as if updates are only to be each month. There are two small bonus sites but a large number of bonus scenes on all three sites. To attract regular members it needs to update more. However, what is there is superb, in my view!