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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Russian Gynecology sounds like it could be a college class, but, trust me, you won't see this on any syllabus. The material is straightforward and pretty serious, so don't expect the clinical examinations to morph into a hot sucking and fucking session between the horny doc and patient. This fetish site is strictly for those who get off on seeing a hot Russian chick get poked and prodded by a very convincing but probably not qualified "medical professional."

Navigating the site is very easy since currently all 16 episodes are on the same page. Each one is presented with a rather large, clear preview image. The same doctor and older nurse appear in all the movies and all the dialogue is in Russian, but you have the option of streaming and downloading the movies in either their Russian form or with English subtitles.

The streaming version looks fine, but you'll get great-quality playback if you opt for the MP4 downloads. You have the choice between full-length files and clips. Each movie comes with high-res photos taken during the exam, "bonus photos" that consist of the chick posing nude and vid caps.

A standard scene opens with the nurse and doctor talking and then the woman enters. She and the doctor go over a bit of preliminary information, like her name, age and the reason for her visit and the girl takes off her clothes, readying herself for the examination.

The doctor has a bit of a rough voice, which kind of hurt my ears at times, so just be aware and adjust your volume accordingly. The patient usually gets her boobs squeezed and then her pussy is examined, penetrated with a speculum or fingers, and there are enemas as well.

Nothing on the website is dated, so I can't tell you when it last updated. That said, I can tell you that only seven episodes have been added to the collection since August 2012, so if it is still updating, it isn't doing it very often. Normally I would tell you to busy yourself with the extras while you wait, but there aren't any to be had.

Russian Gynecology is pretty bare-bones right now. If this really was a college course, I would be hesitant to add it to my load. If the site starts posting porn on a regular basis and keeps up the quality end of things, it will blossom into a good gynecology-fetish site.

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