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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Somehow I find the name Emo Twinks redundant. When I think of an emo boy I generally imagine someone young, lean and hairless. Although I suppose that someone could like the clothes and the music while being stocky and having body hair. It's kind of a moot point, though, because this collection depicts the kind of guys who are the epitome of what springs to people's minds when thinking of emos.

At first I thought their figures were just an illusion caused by the way their pants were slung below their waists and how their T-shirts were a bit long. However, when they're naked it's clear just how beautifully lanky these EmoTwinks are. Their bodies are so slim and elongated that it feels like it would take all day to drink in every inch of their gorgeous frames.

It won't take that long, though, because there are only seven photo sets and no videos. Even if you sip each of these tall drinks of water slowly you'll be thirsty for more sooner rather than later. The photos are medium-res images and you can grab them easily in Zip files.

The layouts are quite simple. You'll see each svelte stud relaxing on a couch or reclining on a bed. He's always wearing clothes in the first half of the set and then he'll lift his shirt to show off his smooth, flat stomach (or slightly more defined abs depending on the body type). You'll also often see a piercing or two and tattoos. Then he undoes his belt and we get to see his underwear. Most of these guy go for colorful briefs. My favorite pair has a comic-book motif.

If you're like me then you're probably already excited and the dude hasn't even shown all his goods yet. Don't worry, though, because he does get completely nude to show off his rock-hard tool and you'll get to see some nice uncut cocks. Each nubile stud spews his spunk and I love how in some cases it pools in their bellybutton. He'll then towel off and put his undies back on. I like how one also flips over to show his ass.

On the downside it looks like nothing new has been added since May 2012 and that just gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach (and my penis, of course). However, you're getting access to the rest of the Emo Network, which includes Homo Scene, Exposed Emos and Homo Emo.

Besides bringing you both more masturbation and hardcore gay sex, including some bareback scenes, you also get HD vids. You can probably tell that they stick to the same kind of hot, young model. In the end, though, there is no way that Emo Twinks and its tiny collection can get a recommendation.

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