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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Lately I haven't been in the mood to review mobile sites. It's like for every decent one I look at, I have to visit three more that are absolutely horrendous. There's poor usability, sites that aren't even formatted for mobile devices and video files that only work on your computer. 1By Day Mobile suffers from some of those issues, but it's definitely a cut above the rest.

1ByDayMobile has a layout that is just as hot as you would expect from the mobile counterpart to 1By Day. It's neither too bland nor too cluttered. A sorting option is something you would want to see added, though, because there are about 4,519 photo galleries and around 4,419 movies.

It's hard to give you exact numbers on account of how not every update consists of both. There are several galleries on their own, as well as a few vids without a gallery. Generally, an update consists of one of each. New content is added almost every day (hence the sitename).

You can stream what are claimed to be several sizes of HD files. It's easy to believe those claims, as even the smallest file is too big for my iPod Touch. You need to shrink the movie as it plays in order to get it to fit properly and once you do you'll see that every movie looks amazing.

The photos don't disappoint, either, as they all show you the gorgeous babes stripping, masturbating and having sex with men and women alike (the movies show the same kinds of content). I wouldn't be surprised if we were dealing with high-res images because you can zoom in quite a bit before you'll see any pixelation. Also, every shot is perfectly lit and crystal clear.

There aren't any bonus vids or pics, but you can check out the desktop version of the website for no extra charge. The other 12 sites in the network can also be accessed, but only if you pay extra.

At the end of the day, 1By Day Mobile is far from being the perfect mobile site. However, it's still a fantastic choice for getting tons of sexy babes having sex in very high quality on your portable devices. I strongly recommend you join.

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