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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Have you ever been in a waiting room somewhere that had a TV on, but with no sound? There's nothing more frustrating than to see people talking without being able to hear what they're saying. Sure, if it's the news, you might see a photo or a clip illustrating the story or one of those headline tickers at the bottom of the screen, but, still, in the future I'll turn to Eurocreme Mobile.

It might not keep my apprised of the latest economic crisis rocking the E.U., but it will bring me something fresh from Europe that I care about more. The benefit here is that even if I forget my headphones and don't want to play out loud what's happening on EurocremeMobile, I don't really need dialogue. Footage filmed in the language of cock speaks loud and queer without a sound. The boys may be gay, bi or straight, but the message remains the same.

They're all young and horny, looking to get their rocks off and if that involves sucking dick or sticking one up the bum, they're all for it. I appreciate how Brits can be small and wiry, but still exude enough bad-boy attitude that you're not sure you'd want to cross them in the wrong part of town. Some of them have tattoos and a piercing or two.

You'll see couples, threesomes and orgies of twinks in 240 videos so far, with updates being weekly. They come in MP4 files that look good on a mobile device and if you want to see them on your PC instead, your membership includes access to the non-mobile version, Eurocreme.

However, both sites have two membership options: streaming-only and downloads, with the streaming being cheaper, of course. So, for example, if you join this site with the streaming-only option, you will also get only streaming videos on the standard version.  

I also appreciate that unlike many mobile sites, you get access to photos. It's not necessarily obvious at first, but you simply need to go through the model index where you will find solo spreads for most of the older models as well as the action from their vids captured in pics. You'll find around 320 photo sets and they're designed to display properly on a small screen.

Navigation would be easier if the content here had page number links to follow. Tapping through page by page isn't that practical and you can't save your favorites either. There's enough content here to warrant more user-friendly organization.

All in all, I appreciate the quality and the content. These exclusive scenes with British teens are rather hot indeed. As my colleague Chris and I always joke, "It's like an adventure. You might never find the same scene twice." All joking aside, Eurocreme Mobile would be tops with improved navigation, but for now it's still an exciting collection to lose yourself in.

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