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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Lately I have felt pushed to the brink of insanity, but I think it has to do with my refusal to pay extra each month for air conditioning. I definitely could be described as hot and bothered, but in a completely different way than the dudes on Men On Edge. You see, they're tied up, painfully tortured and sexually stimulated in a purely pleasurable way, but they are also denied orgasm many times before being allowed to cum.

My balls are turning blue just thinking about it. I don't know if you've ever had someone do that to you, but the orgasm you get after being taken to the brink multiple times is unbelievable. It also takes self-control to not become impatient and simply take matters into your own hands, but handcuffs or other kinds of restraints stop that. MenOnEdge tosses in other treats like hogties, flogging, dildos on sticks, ball gags and sex toys for a total BDSM experience.

They like to refer to this process as "edging" and so far you'll find 117 videos on the website. A new one gets added to the collection each week. They come in a good-quality Windows Media format as well as an HD MP4 format. You can also stream them in an embedded player and find ones designed for mobile devices. The shoots tend to be quite long (some lasting over an hour), so it's a good thing that you have the option of downloading the vids in clips.

I appreciate that there's a mix of slim jocks with beefy bodybuilders, as well as guys who are clearly straight along with others who we're left to imagine whether they're gay, bisexual or bicurious. The man who puts them through their paces is none other than Van Darkholme, who besides being a great director is also a handsome, muscular Asian man. In his role as Master he stays fully clothed, but you'll still get to admire his impressive guns in black tank tops.

You will also find 117 photo galleries on the website that you can download in Zip files. Many shots are clearly high-res, but you'll also come across some vid caps. However, given the high-quality footage they come from, they're pretty much just as crisp and clear as any photo. There's just something about seeing a guy bound in ropes. It really emphasizes his pecs, the tautness of his thighs and the roundness of his ass.

You can check out a behind-the-scenes site that highlights content from across this straight/gay/tranny network and you also get a bonus site called Butt Machine Boys. A membership is a bit expensive, but exclusive content in this genre isn't easy to find. Overall, Men On Edge might not be that big yet, but its production values and creativity make it memorable.

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