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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Some size queens probably think bigger is always better. However, this collection is called Best Big Dicks so that doesn't sound like they're comparing larger ones to smaller ones. Instead, the sitename sounds like they collected the cream of the crop out of those monsters and then picked the ones that are superior to the rest. What makes one plus-sized manhood outperform another? Well, first off, the motion of the ocean is an important notion.

The skills of the captain steering that massive vessel better be top notch. Unless your anus is more like the Gulf of Mexico than it is like the Suez Canal, you're probably not going to want to be the first iceberg taken out by the Titandick. Also, the best of the BestBigDicks gets rock hard, even if the required blood flow leaves its owner lightheaded. Big and floppy makes for a sad and sloppy blowjob and an awkward anal sex experience. You need that pole hard (as well as lubed) if it's going to slide into any holes.

For me, the biggest issue is that the 356 videosare streaming only, which is a letdown even if they give you mostly good-looking playback. Interestingly enough, there's a similar issue with the 45 photo sets, because they appear in an embedded display and can't be downloaded. A video hasn't been added in over three months either.

At any rate, all my musings about what makes a huge hard-on hotter is a bit of a moot point when I actually go through the scenes. Don't get me wrong, because I don't mean to deride the size of any of the dongs displayed here, which happen to be sampled from 81 DVDs. It's just that although many are larger than average it doesn't necessarily translate to larger than what you generally see in porn. Still, you'll see some thick eight-inchers and bigger if you look for them.

You get 20 bonus sites, including Male Porn Pass, Bareback Sex Site and Gay Naked Twinks. I think you're going to see some overlap of material, because they all seem to be drawing their content from a large shared pool of DVDs. Still, you'll see material that doesn't make it into this site's burly boner-themed content. Nevertheless, Best Big Dicks wouldn't be my first pick, because the lack of downloadable vids is too much of a deal-breaker.

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