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Updated on: 01/09/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1384
Average Score: 65

Since we last visited WetAndPissy...

  • There's only one more scene at the moment, but I assume that's because some of the older content was removed. After all, updates appear to be on a weekly basis.
  • The site has a new design that looks better than ever. They added an advanced search, the ability to sort the content and a favorites section.

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The site should be called Pissy And Wet, because the gals only get wet after they pee, but since the babes here fondle their pussies before letting loose that urine, their muffs are pretty wet before they pop a squat. I guess Wet And Pissy is a fitting name after all.

Navigation is a snap especially now that WetAndPissy has a new look and they've added an advanced search, sorting options and a favorites area. The site appears to add new porn once a week (although some of the older content may have been removed) and you'll now find 241 videos and photo sets.

Each update gives you a movie with masturbation and pissing that runs for approximately 15 minutes. The hotties piss on the floor, on their chairs and in bathrooms and one even lets the urine flow all over the kitchen counter. You can stream and download the flicks with some of the newest in Ultra HD.

The high-res pic can be saved in two sizes of Zip files. They give you nice shots of the model fully clothed, as well as stripping and toying her slick pussy, but not all the images had pissing, which was disappointing since the movies get right up in there. I guess it can be tough to catch those golden streams perfectly the first time and it could take a while for a do-over. You'll see some awesome spread lips though.

I was pretty impressed with the power and distance when some of these performers peed. Little Caprice is lying on her back when she takes a piss and that stream really gets some height. Jessica Rox is very enthusiastic about her piss play and uses a pussy pump. She plays with her poon a little before filling up the pump's chamber with urine, squirting it all over herself and sucking the warm liquid out of her soaked shirt.

Your membership gets you into more sites from the Puffy Network, including Wet and Puffy and We Like To Suck. Trust me, you'll have trouble choosing which model you want to watch perform, because they're all very attractive.

With the high-quality presentation, dazzling models who like to pee and exclusive material, you'll really get off on the peeing porn here. Sure, the site hasn't grown that much, but in the end Wet And Pissy remains more than worthy of a recommendation.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Moonboy

    Score: 85% Date: 02/15/2016

    Great site if you love to see wet girls and wet pink. And the girls seem to love what they are doing. Yeah, it's pee, so what.. most of them must have been drinking incredible amounts of water. What comes out is almost crystal clear and comes out in gallons! Video quality is excellent. Minus is that it would have been nice to get some more girl-girl action. It's now 99% solo and can get a bit repetitive.

  • Comment by: Pee Fan

    Score: 94% Date: 04/30/2014

    I have been surfing adult pee sites for some many years now and came across wetandpissy a few months back. What makes this site different from all the others is the genuine excitement from the girls involved , they seem to love what they are doing and use piss as a toy to get them off and to reach new sexual heights. This is the only site I have ever seen where Pee is used in such an erotic and playful way. Id like to say a big thank you to all involved in this site and hope it stays around for some time.

    Cons : If I have to put a con down then it will be that I would love to see there update schedule increase. The good thing is though you do get included in the membership and they also have some peeing videos sometimes.

  • Comment by: Marko

    Score: 88% Date: 04/10/2014

    I really like to watch girls pee, but most of the other sites out there have quite plain looking girls, or really old style content. Decided to join Wet and Pissy after reading the other reviews on here and from looking at their site it looked like they had some pretty hot models. I really wasn't disappointed!!!! A definite pro is the variety of girls they have who actually look like they are enjoying what they are doing. It would be nice to see more girls together in pissy lesbian scenes, but hopefully if enough of us request it, they will film some! Two thumbs up from a very happy long term member.

  • Comment by: Vice Fan

    Score: 99% Date: 04/08/2014

    I have seen quite some sites but from the moment I joined Wet & Pissy I did not think about ending my subscription at all since they are doing really really great work !! Somehow they manage to get the most beautiful models I have ever seen. The scenes and the camera-work are really outstanding. Not one scene is alike since they build in a great variety . And the material is top-quality !

    Guess one should visit this site because somehow I feel one cannot explain this beautiful piece of work in words. The extra features for members are fantastic btw.

    The only "con" I can think of: they don't have membership for life

  • Comment by: Rogue

    Score: 95% Date: 04/08/2014

    If you are serious about quality solo peeing content, this is the place to go. Video quality is excellent. Newest movies weigh in at roughly 30 minutes now and there has been an increase in appearances from some very well known models. This time is put to good use, with the girls going around 4 - 6 times per update. None of this stuff is faked. These girls consume a lot of water to get a high amount of peeing in each clip. Each case is different, with some girls producing small trickles and some that go for an insane amount. Their streams are visibly seen coming out straight from their natural source.

    There's also a good mix of playfulness and sexiness from the girls. The site has the most genuine peeing videos I have ever seen. The only con may be the frequency of updates, but the amount of content per update more than makes up for this.

  • Comment by: barteauski

    Score: 87% Date: 06/23/2013

    Pro: some really ,really super hot models here (Lola dido, Abby, Caprice, Yukiko). and they look good and filmed photographed really well.

    Con: I could be wrong but the peeing scenes look a bit fake. First the urine is very clear. second the girls are just a bit too happy to lick it and swallow. My guess is its some kind of photo magic trick, perhaps a water balloon in their pussy? I know thatsounds absurd but it may explain why lola dido kept "pissing" over 20 minutes. She is beautiful so no big deal but I got the feeling i was watching a clever fake show. Curious if anyone else thinks the same. Otherwise site is great! Plus you get two other sites (wet and puffy., we like to suck) with membership!

  • Comment by: brian

    Score: N/A Date: 06/05/2013

    There is a cross sale
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/05/2013): Thanks for spotting the error, Brian.

  • Comment by: Ed

    Score: 90% Date: 04/06/2013

    Hot girls+great pissing action+HD=excellent site!!Updates are frequent,only con is no lesbian scenes.

  • Comment by: Watcher

    Score: 99% Date: 04/02/2013

    If you like pissing girls, with zero men in sight, this is THE site for you. Video quality is excellent. The only con is that it's solo only, no lesbians.

  • Comment by: ALONG

    Score: 40% Date: 09/18/2012


  • Comment by: woggie

    Score: 99% Date: 07/13/2012

    The quality of video and the pictures on this site are second to none in my experience. If you like piss-play included in your porn, you`ll never likely find a better site. The girls are generally exceptionally gorgeous and almost all present themselves as enthusiastic and if they aren`t having as much fun as they appear to be, they should be considered for mainstream acting awards. The only enhancement I can suggest is to have the girls talk dirty to the viewer in English.

  • Comment by: Jean-Pierre

    Score: 85% Date: 05/20/2012

    Pro Fantastic girls peeing

    Con Only solo, non drinking pee

    I hope the site will develop quickly with lesbian scenes