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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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NOTE: The content can now be accessed through Cum Louder.

I spent the first little while browsing this site just trying to figure out what the theme was. It is called Bitch Confessions and there is a cartoon of a nun in the logo and at first I couldn't figure out how that had anything to do with the content. There were no chicks dressed as nuns! Then it struck me - the nun image was tied to the "confessions" part. Just don't expect any nun-on-nun action and you should be fine.

The most telling description of BitchConfessions is the tagline that states: "The most beautiful sexy bitches fucking hard." That's all well and good, but they don't ignore the "confessions" portion of the name, because every scene opens with exactly that. Instead of some generic pre-sex interview that's nothing but fluff, they try to go a little more in-depth, so that the babes confess something of interest.

They say that confession is good for the soul, but I must admit that hearing these hotties confess naughty fantasies or actual carnal deeds proved good for my pole. It definitely seemed to stand at attention, although not all of the confessing is done in English, and without subtitles I can't really follow what's going on in the Spanish scenes.

However, those of you who like your Latinas to be very "auténtico" needn't worry that the site switched to English. The language may have changed, but the babes who appear here are still rocking their Latin heritage with pornstars like Gigi Love and Eva Angelina.

When you sign in you end up on the Cum Louder network, so you need to choose "videos" from the menu at the top and then you need to press "serie" and filter by this sitename. You will only see the last 52 vids, so to see them all, you need to select a video and then you'll notice above its embedded player the real number of episodes here.

It turns out that there are 121 videos and whether you go with the Windows Media or MP4 file, you can expect high-def playback. You will also find a slightly lower-quality MP4 option that's meant for mobile devices and it also serves as the streaming option. The 121 sets of high-res pics can be downloaded in Zip files (online photos appear smaller).

I mentioned that you land on a network page when you sign in and you have access to 17 other sites, including Stunning Butts, Spoof Porn, Porn Heros, Latin Asses In Public and Living With A Pornstar. These bonuses definitely add some value to your membership, although you have to deal with a bit of awkward navigation to find the scenes specific to each one. That issue aside, Bitch Confessions is definitely worth your time and money.

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