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Awhile back I had a girl drunk-text me at 1:30 AM asking me if I was still awake. I was. She texted back that she was coming over and would be there in 20 minutes. Thirty minutes later we were having sex and she was moaning and screaming. The next day she texted me apologizing for being so loud and hoping she didn't wake my neighbors.

I tell you this story partly because it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title of the site Cum Louder. And, well, I just wanted to tell someone! Now, about the site.

CumLouder is a mega-site that encompasses the content from 18 other sites. When you sign in you are presented with a nice-looking, well-organized site and right there on the homepage are thumbnails representing all the most recent additions from the various sites.

To find all the content is a bit tricky, because, for example, if you click "videos" from the top menu bar then you'll only see a fraction of what this collection really has to offer. Even if you then choose "serie" and the name of a specific website, you'll only see some of the most recent flicks. It's only when you choose a video that you'll see the total amount of scenes.

The producers are Spanish and you will find that many of the sites are like Spanish versions of classic porn scenarios. For example, Fuckin Van drives around picking up girls, fucking them and then leaving them on the side of the road. Latin Asses In Public has sexy Latin chicks flashing their butts in public before heading back for some in-private hardcore action.

Spoof Porn brings you hardcore movies spoofing famous Hollywood films like "Rocky" and "Back to the Future." And Bitch Confessions brings you POV interviews followed by hardcore sex.

The producers have since moved their production to Los Angeles and have been making mostly English porn for the last little while. The other good news is that you don't need to speak Spanish to appreciate the high-quality hardcore action of everything you'll find here.

Speaking of the action, you will find 938 videos and 938 photo sets. Actually, they are updating with something new daily across the network, so you will find more than that by the time you go to check it out.

The photos are all high-res and downloadable in Zip files, while the videos come with both a streaming option and multiple download choices. There is a portable download as well as an HD MP4 full-length file. There are also clip versions should you want to download just a part of the scene.

Cum Louder has more than enough to keep you occupied and with the daily updating they are growing at a nice pace. Add to that the hot chicks (Latin and otherwise) and the HD vids and this is a membership worth your time.

Number of Reviews: 1422
Average Score: 64.2

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User Rating: 58/100 (total: 13 comments)
  • Comment by: cutrexxx - Score: 90/100 - Date: 10/15/2014
    If you love latin and not worried about the same sofa in almost 80% of the scenes, is a big site for the money. They are switching to a strange model mixing the free site concept, pay and you own and membership. Better in the old times where it was only a membership.
  • Comment by: Tenshi - Score: 70/100 - Date: 6/30/2014
    How do you activate the discount? I click on the link, I then have to proceed to members and then join now, there is no default join now in main page. It then tells me 19.95, where does it become 9.95?
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:07/02/2014): Hi, Tenshi. I sent you an email. I checked our link and confirmed the 9.95 pricing is showing. You might be cookied.
  • Comment by: JBLOUIE - Score: 70/100 - Date: 4/9/2014
    I have been a member of this site many times renewed. NO MAS, site has gone down bad, same ole samle type sex. Afra Red gone, no imagination anymore. Very deceptive on what the recent scenes are. Only PRO, love latin chicas. CON, like I said, they are getting lazy with their variety. Too much anal if you ask me. i WONT BE BACK FOR A LONG TIME.
  • Comment by: Chris - Score: 80/100 - Date: 2/18/2014
    Discount Code not working for this site - Please Help
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:02/19/2014): Hi, Chris. You didn't leave an email. I checked our link and confirmed the discounted price is showing, so you are probably cookied.
  • Comment by: max - Score: 80/100 - Date: 12/9/2013
    The discount not showing, the price is 19.95......
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/10/2013): Thanks, Max. We're working on fixing the issue.
    Update: The pricing issue has been fixed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  • Comment by: Tony - Score: N/A - Date: 12/6/2013
    The discount not showing, only comes up at 19.95E
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/09/2013): Hi, Tony. Thanks for the head's up. We're working on resolving this issue now.
  • Comment by: Gitcha_Some - Score: 50/100 - Date: 11/24/2013
    *Pros - Fresh new content. The girls are hot for the most part. Quality of videos is good.

    *Cons - I read the reviews but thought "what the hell, it's only a 9.95 special". The download time is more than ridiculous especially since the HD files are so large. Just about everything is in Spanish. I found right off that some of the download links are broken links and won't download. I'm very frustrated with all of this and will be cancelling my membership.
  • Comment by: irate customer - Score: N/A - Date: 11/12/2013
    don't waste your time or your money. once you join, you can't download or view videos without buying tokens. You pay for membership to a pay per view site. You better speak Spanish because every time I selected the English option, the system immediately reverted to Spanish.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:11/12/2013): You didn't leave an email, irate, so we couldn't contact you. The site is not PPV, so if you're having an issue with your membership we can look into it for you and get it resolved. Contact us by one of the methods above.
  • Comment by: big al - Score: 100/100 - Date: 5/31/2013
    I don't believe it! Porn captured with a steady camera! No constant moving the camera in/out, tilting, side to side,...amazing. The director doesn't hot dog it ruining the porn with constant camera movement.This is the only site on the planet that doesn't try to upstage the talent with amateurish overzealous crews. That you for the wonderful site. Models are gorgeous and dicks are huge.
  • Comment by: Slap_Shot - Score: 50/100 - Date: 2/3/2013
    Pro's - The girls are absolutely gorgeous! NOthing to complain about with the quality of the girls. Lot's of video content.

    Con's - Download time is RIDICULOUSLY slow! Even streaming is a pain in the ass if your like me and tend to skip over all the intro bs to get to the good stuff! I have a very fast internet connection and a high end gaming pc so no problems on my end. At first I thought it was a busy time of day and the site servers just couldn't handle the traffic. After trying to stream and download at several different times of day over a couple week period I got so frustrated that I canceled my membership and vow never to return! Even though the girls are hot and there is a lot of content no way am I sitting around waiting on this site as quality girls and content are so easy to find anymore. I suggest saving your money and time and pass on this one.
  • Comment by: markm - Score: 20/100 - Date: 12/31/2012
    Pros: A very few good videos, even less in even close to HD
    Con: Sparse material and few really sharp girls.
  • Comment by: Robert - Score: 95/100 - Date: 6/8/2012
    This site is something really fresh, you have to see it and then you can speak. I dont understand people who says stupid things without have seen it before... like this one on my top :-P

    Anyway, Im wasting my hands all night long to wank on with Cum Louder and its videos....
  • Comment by: Holdan McGroin - Score: 50/100 - Date: 6/3/2012
    Don't waste your time here. Even if you speak Spanish. With few exceptions the girls are mediocre, quality is marginal and the male talent is just horrible. It seems they have 2-3 guys doing all of the videos and the money shots are LAME. They need to sign a Preston. It does state that they are an newer site but with 17 networks and being new, I would expect more that 1 update per day. The only reason the site got a 50 is because I had to score 15/15 for originality. Whole you don't need to speak another language to watch porn, it did start to get on my nerves. I would stay away from this one
 Discount $9.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95, rebills at $29.95 )
Limited Trial $1.00/1 day, rebills at $29.95
$49.95/90 days
$89.50/365 days
Cross Sales: No
Pic sets: 938+ Pics per set: 12 Zip sets: Yes
Pic Res: 3000x2000 High Res: Yes
Number of movies: 938+ HD Porn: Yes Streaming: Yes
Average Length: 25 mins Full length videos: Yes Download Limits: No
Video Formats: Flash (720x408; N/A; streaming)
MP4 (1280x720; 4492k)
Windows (1280x720; 2500k)
Preview members area
Independent Biller(s): Epoch, CGBilling
Customer Service:

Pros & Cons
pros -high-def vids
-zipped high-res photos
-can save favorites
cons -some vids don't have subtitles
-no advanced search
-could be better organized
Main Category: Mega Site Porn
Updated on: 1/10/2013 01/10/2013- From 76 to 81: More content. -Will
- Initial review: 5/17/2012
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