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Adam Strong

By: Adam Strong
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This site is called Trombone Girls and I'm totally going to be mature about it. I'm not going to point out that its content gave me "a tromboner," I'm not going to make a joke about how babes suck on "a dude's trombone" and I'm not even going to make a horrible reference to the fact that you can't spell trombone without "putting a bone in it." Though between you and me, the only reason I'm not making that last joke is because you don't see that kind of penetration.

No, my friends, TromboneGirls actually references the handjob/rimjob. Yes, that sound in the background you're hearing is an angelic choir singing softly, because each scene features tromboning in some form. Most go the traditional route of having the babe give a guy a reach-around while tossing his salad, but other chicks stroke cock and lick ass at the same time while the guy leans back on a couch or bed.

Either way, if you like chicks tonguing ass while giving handjobs, then you'll like what you see here. There's also plenty of deep-throating and the occasional titty fuck going on. What there's not a lot of, however, is content. There are 55 movies and despite not having dated material, it looks like updates are only once every six or seven weeks. Many are only average-quality streams and downloads, but you'll find a decent number of good-quality vids as well.

None of the content is exclusive as it all comes from a series of DVDs we've seen before on VOD sites and in bonus feeds. This also means that you won't find any photo galleries. The only images consist of the thumb for each scene.

I've seen better layouts, but in this case the boringness actually helps with the ease of navigation and it's not exactly ugly, either. The pages are numbered and the whole site pretty much consists of just the movie section, so you'll have no problem finding any of the material.

Meanwhile, the top of the pages have buttons that link to both gay and straight bonus sites. You get access to them all and they are part of the Wank Pass network, which is home to sites like Meat 18, Strip Club Cheaters and Plugged Holes.

Trombone Girls is worth it for a month, but only if you're already a diehard fan of the rusty trombone. It is pretty rare to find sites dedicated solely to that act, after all. However, if you want higher quality or a larger quantity, then you should be looking elsewhere.

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