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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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We can't all hop on a flight to the Caribbean whenever we want, but if you've got a membership to Caribbean Flaver Mobile, you can check out hot chicks from the islands whenever the urge strikes you. And if you do have a membership, chances are that you'll be feeling those urges more often than not.

Before we go any further, let me first point out that I'm not making a spelling mistake when I write CaribbeanFlaverMobile. For some reason, they spell "flavor" with an "e" instead of an "o." Oddly enough, the name is written with both the "o" and the "e" elsewhere on the site. It's a bit weird, but I'm not here to review a site's spelling, so let's get right to the good stuff.

The website is all about bringing you horny black babes from the islands. These chicks can be seen masturbating, hooking up with other girls and engaging in some hardcore activities with hung men. The fun always takes place in outdoor settings, so you can expect to see couples fucking on sandy beaches and in jungles.

The 49 movies come in an MP4 format and I've got to say that they look pretty good. You can check out the flicks in a 3GP format as well, but they won't look as good. It's unfortunate, but not all that surprising considering 3GPs are only meant for use with older devices.

There are no photo galleries, so those of you hoping to see some crisp images of black babes in action will be disappointed. You'll also be disappointed if you were hoping that additional sites or other goodies were included with a membership, because there's nothing of the sort.

Navigating the site is easy thanks to page numbers at the bottom of each page. However, depending on the device you're using, the default screen size might be too small - or too big. A simple pinch-to-zoom will solve that problem, but then you might have another problem with small text.

There's nothing on the website to give you an idea of how often it adds new content, but I can tell you that 11 updates took place since we last checked the site out. Caribbean Flaver Mobile might not have the largest collection, but we don't often come across sites that focus on perfomers from this part of the world.

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