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Updated on: 03/16/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner
Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner
Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner

At first I thought Sex Art was a softcore site that only had women posing and stripping and occasionally masturbating, but when I dove a bit deeper, I found something a little different. The movies were like erotic stories that showcased beautiful girls in solo, lesbian and straight fantasy-like scenarios. All the porn is exclusive, highly stylized and pretty hot.

You can get to the main material via the "updates" section where the content is sorted so that the newer stuff shows first. SexArt also has straightforward video and photo sections. If you know what you're in the mood to see, you can use things like an advanced search and keyword tags to help you find what you're looking for.

These original movies have titles like "Secret Love," "My First" and "American Girls." All the flicks feature music specifically composed for it that helps to enhance them. One video called "Art Rock" has a pop-synth tune and is the perfect complement to Malena Morgan's opening dance. The scene goes on to give you some domination and lesbian action with redhead Ella Alexandra.

There's a subsection in the video area that contains flicks from a series called "Kamikaze Love" and another called "Girls Love Sex." The first is pure fantasy and follows Victoria, a jewelry designer, and her passionate encounters with a wealthy businessman named Jack. The second one focuses on the female performers and gives you a candid look inside their lives.

There are 647 movies in all and the newest are in Full HD. You can stream them through an embedded player as well as download them. They're well shot and the creativity is great. This site isn't for those who want the kind of hardcore porn found on mainstream sites. These sexual encounters are very sensual, sometimes slower and the passion is palpable.

There are also 845 photo galleries that come with high-res images. You can save them in Zip files or let them dance across your screen in a slideshow. They don't appear to match the movies and are mostly of one model. There is, however, one set that features a couple. In this section you can also learn a bit about the performer, rate her and find out about the photographer.

The site is growing at a solid pace, but updates alternate randomly between new movies and new galleries. It looks like you can expect a new video about three or four times a week, with photos added on the days in between, so you're really getting something new each day. The "series" subsection mentioned above hasn't been updated since 2012, though.

I really enjoyed my time on Sex Art. It presents something different and the action is unique and captivating. The quality is also excellent. It isn't just about sex - it incorporates the intimacy, romance and sensuality that some of you want in your pornography. The site really puts into practice what it sets out to do, which is to marry sex and art.

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  • Comment by: buckwood

    Score: 30% Date: 12/24/2015

    Joined a few months back. I am no geek, but I do have basic web skills, and for the life of me I could not figure out how to navigate the site other than scrolling. So at first it was good, but as I realized how much of a pain this is . . . FAIL.

  • Comment by: wj

    Score: 96% Date: 11/03/2015

    Just joined this site for $7.95 for first month and $29.95 per month thereafter! Great so far. Beautiful girls and great scenes. Easy download. Only negative so be careful to watch for 'prechecked' boxes in small print signing you up to other sites which, unfortunately, is all too common with these sites.

  • Comment by: Salamander

    Score: 80% Date: 10/05/2015

    Pros: The site offers 457 videos and 1163 photo sets at time of writing (680 GB). Good quality photos and videos. High download speed. No problems to cancel membership.

    Cons: The style is very "artsy" with lots of focus changes and blurry image, this I believe is "couples porn" that works really nicely for women. The sex might be to soft for some.

  • Comment by: guyburns

    Score: 10% Date: 09/15/2014

    This is an initial review, pending a more detailed review. However, the rating will not likely be increased. Why? Irrespective of the porn content, if a user can't cancel a subscription, and be sure that cancellation actually occurred -- via an email that can be used as evidence with the card company -- then that site cannot be trusted. And a site that can't be trusted, cannot be given much of a rating.

    My account within Sex Art says my membership has been cancelled, but after several days Sex Art has not responded to my request for email confirmation. Their billing companies, as stated on their website, CC Bill and Epoch, know nothing about my membership, so they can't confirm cancellation.

    I signed up for a month and immediately cancelled, which was always my intention. I still don't know if the cancellation has gone through.

    Doesn't matter really. I've reduced my Debit Card's balance to zero, so Sex Art won't be getting any more money. And I do have a screen grab showing my membership has been cancelled. The card company will probably accept that if Sex Art tries to bill me again.

    But I shouldn't have to write this quick review, and I shouldn't have to send several emails to Sex Art, CC Bill (which has kindly offered to investigate this for me), and Epoch, just to confirm cancellation.

    In contrast, my Abby Winters cancellation went through, I received an email confirmation, and then a few days later another one just to make sure I was happy.

    Sex Art -- that's how it should be done.

    As I said, doesn't matter to me how good Sex Art's porn content is, and it doesn't matter now if my membership has been cancelled -- I have been unable to confirm the cancellation. And in the dubious world of porn, that is a serious concern.

  • Comment by: Cukes of Hazzard

    Score: 90% Date: 09/05/2014

    There is now a significant amount of content on the site, both video and photo. No download limitations, and I busted by 250 gb monthly download limit with ease.

    Now, how to describe the site ....

    First, there is a strong emphasis on production values. This is porn, but it isn't some guy with a vid cam in a bedroom or RV. Everything is professionally done.

    Second, there is a striving for authenticity. The models remain in control. They are not asked or coerced to do anything they are not comfortable doing. That means that if what you are looking for is a site that panders to male porno fantasies, SexArt won't be for you. That doesn't mean that there isn't a lot of acting going on. It does mean that even if acting the models are working within a comfort zone. And there are clearly times when they aren't doing Meg Ryan deli scenes.

    I've been a member here and at the Dane Jones sites. It's an interesting comparison, and there is significant crossover among the models. I think the best way to state the difference is that Dane Jones is more primal and animalistic. Dane Jones is a lot more about capturing the action - at Dane Jones a video might have four or five minutes of a continuous shot, where you can see the interaction of the peformers unfolding and developing. The emphasis is on capturing the act and the passion. At SexArt, the passion isn't as front and center - SexArt is more about creating erotica.

    What is common between the sites is that the performers, particularly the women, are authentic and in control. Neither of the sites panders to meeting male fantasies of women as sex objects.

    I find them both enjoyable in their own right. If your interests are primal, you will probably be more engaged by Dane Jones, as Dane Jones focuses more on those aspects. If you hard core erotica that is artistic, then SexArt is a good choice.

    BTW - at both sites occasionally the videos include internal ejaculation, which is something I heartily endorse.

  • Comment by: MrComment

    Score: 90% Date: 12/26/2013

    The girls on this site are stunning, and shot in a way that emphasises their beauty. The porn is entertaining and realistic and produced to a high standard. It's worth noting that all the sites on the MetArt Network are not produced by the same team of people, they are all unique sites produced separately. I'm not much of a fan of the Met Art site it's self since it's more focused on art than erotica and it can be quite abstract (and I also prefer videos), but I think Sex Art is a very different site which is shot well and has some very hot content. Other than the stand alone photo sets, some of the movies also have photo sets which are shown on the same page that has the movie.

  • Comment by: johndevil

    Score: 20% Date: 07/04/2012

    Very limited content. Hard to navigate. Very much too much art and not enough porn (soft or hard). All shot in HD through the fog, or dark, with the top and bottom of the picture cut off. 2.55 AR for goodness sake. Pretty girls but usual tattood wanker males. Very disappointing.

  • Comment by: Sherlock

    Score: 50% Date: 05/09/2012

    I thought I'd give this site a go as I'm a big fan and regular subscriber to Met-Art and my understanding was that Sex-Art would be Met-Art's raunchier hotter sister. There are some plus points to this site but let's get the negatives out the way. In comparison to Met-Art at present Sex-Art is low on content but fair enough (or is it?) it's early days yet. There's a couple of models here you'll have seen on Met-Art and they go a little further here than they do there but not as far as you may have seen them go elsewhere (Caprice and Miela for example). Sex-Art appears to have more movie content than it does pictorial content so it differs from M-A in that respect, however a large part of that content is 'couples porn', that dreaded area of porn that few couples enjoy- who does like 'couples porn'? High gloss and focussed on 'feelings' there's something very saccharine about 'couples porn' no matter how explicit it gets, I don't think the performers have the acting chops to really convey the emotions they're meant to feel. Aside from the couples porn you also get some rather good lesbian and solo girl stuff that kind of gives a glimpse of what S-A may get it's reputation for. I'd like to see an increase in the pictorial sets (3/4 updates a day, more M-A models) concentrating on M-A style sets but with action focussing on masturbation, toys, h/c lesbian sets, etc. plus for them to keep up the great film work they're doing but maybe lose the 'couples porn'. A site with promise but perhaps a site that's still to find it's identity. Joymii and X-Art would make good comparisons. Can't give this site more than 50/100 just yet, not the 'new dawn' of quality porn that I was hoping for. Just ok.