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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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You might think that Toddy Live would be a live cam site and I think that at some point in the past it was. Reading his blog, Todd makes it quite clear that he got a new day job back in October 2010 and that it was going to eat up more and more time. At first it simply slowed him down on updates and live shows as he explained that it would. Currently, though, there's no mention of any scheduled webcam appearances and there hasn't been anything added to the site since March 2013.

The design of ToddyLive is relatively clean and easy to use even if this is an amateur site. I appreciate that the content is always labeled with decent-sized thumbnails in addition to the filenames that also may help in describing what you'll see. That's kind of important because although you can view pics online, there's no option to preview any of the vids by streaming them first.

It's not a huge deal though, because the 645 videos are quite short. They vary in quality, but you'll be happy to know that the newer ones come in an HD Windows Media format. Most of the movies are offered as full-length flicks, but in cases where the scenes last longer than a minute or two, they end up getting split into clips.

You'll see Todd evolve over time from being a twink with a bit of youthful meat on his bones to an even leaner super-defined jock. These days he's got killer abs that weren't so visible back in 2004 when he first launched the site. He's always had great biceps and a hot bubble butt even if the definition on these areas of his body have improved over the years.

You'll see part of manscaping and fitness regimes, because you'll see him working out as well as shaving his bod all over. There are masturbation scenes as well as some wild dildo play. His tiny butthole takes on decently sized toys. If you have a shoe fetish then you'll enjoy his footwear modeling of running shoes and sandals. He also shows off lots of underwear and the credits for these scenes thank the men who gave him many of his stretch boxers, briefs, jockstraps and trunks as gifts.

There are 18 photo galleries including one set of high-res pics. The other pic sets come with images that are crisp enough, but a little less impressive. Todd has some seasonal layouts, like his Christmas one with a Santa hat and St. Paddy's Day spread with green derby hat and balloons. My favorite starts with him in a white T-shirt and stone-washed jeans. He eventually changes to a white tank top showing off his arms and pulls his pants down to reveal his taut bare bum. I'd give anything to replace the dildo in his ass with my own cock.

You get access to the Bad Puppy mega-site and besides bringing you additional sites that may or may not be better or poorer in quality than this site and also might not be updating, it does have some exclusive content that includes impressive high-def flicks and crisp high-res pics that continue to grow in number. In the end, Toddy Live appears to have no live aspect, but Todd does have unique content that will appeal to some fans.

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