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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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The site is simply Shane Slater, but the banner expands the name with more details by describing the content as, "Shane Slater's Straight Hot Studs." That would have made for a rather long URL to type in, so they've kept it short and sweet. At any rate, you'll see men that have masculine appeal for a variety of reasons. It could be body or facial hair, tattoos and/or piercings, but sometimes it's just an attitude.

I say some of them look "fierce" and I don't mean in the drag queen snapping her fingers exclaiming, "You look fierce girlfriend!" kind of way. No, I mean that a few of these men are gems that could use a little buffing and polishing, because they seem a bit rough around the edges. How do they get them on ShaneSlater, you may ask? Shane has experience that probably serves him quite well in that respect.

He worked in corporate sales and salesmen are good at selling folks on all kinds of ideas. Then fooling around with guys was actually his former wife's suggestion (they remain good friends to this day). She wanted him to swing with other men, so that was probably a window into a world of bisexual or bicurious males. It probably helped him learn to read the signs of dudes willing to go on the down low. At some point, he decided to quit his day job and devote himself full time to his site.

That said, it has been well over a year since the last update, so I guess that maybe it didn't work out so well for him. At any rate, he did manage to shoot 103 videos. Normally, the MPEGs are the best choice, because they give you mostly good-quality playback. There is a Windows Media format and there are MP4s, but usually they're only average in quality at best. You also will see only vid caps for every scene.

One thing that I appreciate is that the scenes shot are believable for the most part as far as the dudes seeming genuinely straight. Some might simply be closeted, but at least they're standing far enough back from the door that they're in no danger of simply falling when you open it a crack. It's mostly solo jerk-off sessions with some mutual masturbation scenes. You can also find a blowjob or two and at least one incidence of anal penetration.

A membership here includes access to the Bad Puppy network. That brings you an enormous amount of content, because we're talking more than a couple of thousand of both videos and photo sets. Still even without taking the bonus content into consideration and the lack of updates, Shane Slater seems worth checking out for a month or two for his unique straight boy action.

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