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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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If you want to see innovation at its finest, then enter the House Of Gord. This man's pool of creativity has no bottom. The site's tagline is "the home of ultra bondage" and I'd say they hit the nail on the head. Women are bound and mounted on trucks, posed as weather vanes and used as doorbells. (Bet that last one intrigued you, huh?) If you like extreme bondage, do yourself a favor and read the rest of this review.

I was a little overwhelmed upon arriving on the members' area of HouseOfGord. The newest addition to the site is at the top and the rest of the updates just follow it in a regular page-by-page fashion. The left-hand side of the site is going to help you narrow down what you want.

There aren't any separate photo and video sections, which in my opinion would help navigation, and some updates only have photos, so these lists will come in quite handy. You can find a specific model, activity, machine, accessory or bondage material, like arm binders, cuffs, cages or hooks.

There are approximately 650 movies and about 645 photo galleries in all. The majority of the movies can be saved in HD Windows Media files. Older updates also offer a RealPlayer option and most the newer ones also provide an MP4 file.

Now that we've dispensed with all the technical talk, let me tell you about this jaw-dropping collection. Most of the movies I watched were split into three parts: the installation (setting the gal up in the devices), scene and interview. Archean is the lucky girl who gets to play the rooster crowing atop the roof. Clad in latex with fake feathers, she's bound and gagged and is positioned on the roof as a weather vane. She gleefully crows in the sunshine as she is periodically turned by an unseen hand.

That's not the only imaginative scene you'll see. Women are strapped like hood ornaments to trucks, rolled on spit-like contraptions behind tractors and devices like "saddle fuck machine," "blowjob trainer," and "chick wrapper" are also employed. There's also a frog shelf, fem-scooter, chandelier, punishment box, rotary butt-thrust fucker and more. I'm telling you, just thinking up these names would exhaust me, let alone creating them. Many women appear in latex, rubber and mesh suits, but there is nudity as well and the bound babes get off with the help of toys.

Gord adds a new photo set and video each week, so this great-sized collection is multiplying at a decent pace. There is no bonus section, but some videos are marked as bonus and if you check out the "miscellaneous" list, you'll find stories, behind-the-scenes material and black-and-white illustrations.

With high quality, a seemingly endless supply of innovative scenarios and a large collection, House Of Gord will delight any serious bondage aficionado. The performers are enthusiastic, as is the crew, and this is the only online place to view this material, so I suggest you stop by.

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