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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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There are lots of famous sisters out there. The Olsons, the Hiltons, the Williams, the Pointers... but none are as brutal as Sado Sisters. Well, not that I know of, of course. Fashion design, acting, singing, partying and tennis are more those girls' speed. If you prefer to see trampling, smothering, pony play and foot worship, these two blonde siblings are the ones to check out.

Dominant and sexy, these babes don't really know the meaning of the word "mercy." The adjectives used to describe them on their site include "sexy," "heartless," "cold," "luxurious," "vain," and "arrogant." After viewing just a small part of their Femdom collection, I think those are pretty accurate. Dressed in cute dresses and designer jeans and heels, they take on one or two subs together and make sure he knows who's in charge.

The design is appealing and navigation is easy. Once you sign in, you're taken right to the updates. Each one has a few thumbnails to give you an idea of what you'll see and the stage is set with a written description. There are currently 30 movies and you can save them in two high-def formats and also go with an smaller AVI file or a portable MP4 option. One unfortunate thing is that they don't come with any photos.

A walk in the woods seems pretty peaceful for the sisters, but it isn't the most restful experience for their sub, James. The girls don't speak English (sounds like Russian or German to me), but I can tell from what James does and the fact that he's on a leash that he is clearly their loyal dog. They make him sit, lie down and fetch a stick. Then as they rest against a wooden fence, he gets the task of licking their muddy boots.

Although I can't understand what these dominating sisters are saying, I can, however, discern that they enjoy it very much since they laugh quite sadistically as they do it all. Watching them jump from slave to slave in short cocktail dresses was pretty thrilling. One submissive isn't so lucky and gets paddled, clamped and his mouth covered with duct tape. It's clear that these ladies love to play and it is always by their rules.

It's tough to nail down an update schedule since nothing is dated, but it seems that they're actually not adding any new material at this point. That's too bad and it stings even more when there's no bonus material to add some value and help pass the time.

Sado Sisters live up to their name and they offer high quality and an easy-to-navigate site, but they aren't giving you enough content. It would also be nice to get some English subtitles, so you too could get in on the jokes they share about their pathetic submissives.

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