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Will Peters

By: Will Peters
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I know that a good boyfriend can be hard to find, but the naked amateurs on Hard BFs are good to find. The content isn't exclusive, but I will say that it all does fit into the site's theme and you won't simply see pornstars passed off as everyday guys. You will genuinely feel as if you're seeing average Joes who simply like to show themselves off to the world. In other words, you're going to see lots of self-shot content.

On HardBFs, the vids are filmed using digital cameras/camcorders. Ideally, they leave them on a tripod, but in some cases the guys try to multitask and the camerawork can be a bit wobbly. Often a mirror is employed to avoid the awkwardness of one scene I saw where a guy holds the camera way over his head the entire time, even while he undoes his fly and pulls out his cock.

Even if the lighting isn't always ideal and not every second of video is in focus, the 54 videos for the most part give you great-quality playback. In some cases, a cameraman is used and the shoots are better lit, although the settings remain nondescript and appear to be in someone's home or a hotel room, rather than in a fancy studio. That's normally true of the 78 photo sets whose pics tend to be quite crisp.

Every scene involves solo action and you're not always going to see the money shot, because some dudes simply flash their torsos and stroke a bit. The word "hard" in the sitename refers more to the rods than the bods. Plenty of the guys are slim, but no one really looks like a gym freak and I appreciate that. You'll see a few twinks, hairy guys and even some mature men.

Nothing is dated besides the upcoming vids, but we know that they're actually just rotating their material anyway. At any rate, you get access to a large network of bonus sites, but only two are gay, like Twink Beginners and Stud Footage. The others are mostly straight, plus there are a couple with shemales and one with bisexuals. When all is said and done, Hard BFs won't blow you away, because its only okay.


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