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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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While we might generally be sitting on our couch or at our desk when we watch porn, it's nice to see the performers not always doing their thing on those same pieces of furniture, which brings us to Carib Sisters. A site that is as much an advertisement for the beauty of the Caribbean as it is for the pleasure that two black babes can bring each other.

To quote the site's description, CaribSisters is "devoted to entertain, entice and fulfill your fantasies as you explore the erotic lesbians of the Caribbean live and direct from the rocks, the cliffs, the mountains, rivers, waterfalls and the white sandy beaches." And they ain't kidding either. Rocks, beaches and waterfalls are present throughout these scenes and it is a truly beautiful backdrop to the ebony pussy play.

The site has a bright color scheme that plays right into the sunny locales where they shoot everything and navigation is generally simple. There aren't any sections, so just browse the pages to check out the scenes. They all come with a streaming video preview and below that you will see a link that takes you to a page where you will get a set of pictures and a full-length video for both streaming and downloading.

The photos look okay, but they're all medium-res and can be blurry at times. Meanwhile, the downloadable vids come in two formats: a great-quality MPEG and an MP4 that's either an HD or SD file. The streaming videos also look fantastic, which is because they use the same MP4s that you download. There's also a smaller MP4 for your mobile devices.

However, the most disappointing thing about the site is the fact that there are only 19 movies. As mentioned earlier, each vid comes with a photo set. I would like to tell you that the site is growing regularly, but with nothing being dated I can't give you a straight answer. However, comparing current amounts to when we first reviewed the site, it works out to about once every three months, which isn't great.

In the end, Carib Sisters is too small to recommend, but if the exotic locales and amateur ebony performers interest you, then it would be worth waiting for it to grow. And focusing exclusively on women from the Caribbean does give the site a slight edge in terms of uniqueness.

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