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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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The stars of Spy Sex Files might be in for a surprise if ever they check this site out because the action is filmed with spy cameras and by voyeurs stationed dozens of feet away. How does not realizing that they're being filmed affect the action? Let's take a look.

For starters, let me point out that this is clearly staged and not some user-submitted homemade porn that's being touted as spy-cam material. But even with that said, you get the impression that it could really be the work of one creepy, perverted stalker and that the couples honestly don't know what's going on. The acting is that believable.

The scenes all start off with camerawork that seems to be intentionally shaky while it's filming from a distance. That's because the cameraman is supposed to be following them unknowingly. You don't get to hear what the couples are talking about, but you can watch them have picnics or eat on terraces and patios. Eventually, the action usually cuts to the couple in a bedroom or hotel room with a spy camera already set up and they enjoy their hardcore fun.

The guys are listed as "clients" of the women (probably due to a mistranslation) in order to show their relation to each other. For the most part, the guys are all husbands or are at least boyfriends, but I also spotted a few that were listed as being the babes' bosses. If this is doing it for you, then I'm afraid it's time for the bad news.

Depending where on the site you are, it will list either April 2012 or December 2011 as when the newest scene was added. Neither is true. I did some digging around on the Internet and found that nothing has changed since at least June 2009. On top of this, there's not a lot of material to begin with.

You only get 15 movies. On the plus side, they're all fairly long, with the ones I watched being around an hour in length. However, the photo sets that come with them are only filled with vid caps, but they are actually quite impressive, which is surprising on account of how the movies are low in quality, regardless of whether you view the full-length version or the clips.

Your membership comes with access to the Overall Pass network. I didn't spot any theme-related sites, but there is some diversity and many focus on mature chicks. Some of the sites include Drunken Mature, Nylons Porn and The Mature Hardcore. Even with them, though, there's not enough to pique your interest here, let alone justify the above-average asking price.

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