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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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The odds are that the babes on this site won't stay pretty forever. I mean that's just a fact of life. But I can definitely attest to the fact that they are all very pretty right now! Pretty 4 Ever is a nude/erotic site from Russia, so for all you lovers of Russian chicks (of which I count myself one) there is already a checkmark in the pro column for this one. And while these hotties generally seem to enjoy showing off their bodies, don't go expecting anything hardcore.

Like the girls, the site also looks good and navigation is not an issue. (I assume the girls are easy to navigate as well, but I haven't had the pleasure, so that is just speculation.) It might appear a little busy upon first glance, but the menu at the top of the page allows you to easily get around and narrow down the content in a few ways.

The videos and photo sets are presented as magazine-cover thumbnails, which seems to be the classy way to do things, as I have seen this design technique employed on other artistic, erotic sites. You will find videos and photo shoots in a variety of locations, from bedrooms to beaches.

I was also pretty pleased to see that the videos were their own thing and not just filmed photo shoots. These cuties were playing to the camera and doing whatever, and going however far, they wanted. As the site itself says, "We never force our models to do it, they will show you as much as they want." (Thankfully, most of them want to show everything.)

While this is much more of a photo site than it is a video one, there are still 140 videos available compared to 443 photo sets. Those numbers are growing, albeit not as fast as I would like. They appear to be adding a new video once every two weeks. You can browse the video and photo sections individually or just scroll through all the "magazine covers." The pics are high-res and the majority of the movies offer an HD download.

There aren’t any bonus sites, but there is a decent amount of main content. And the reasonable price tag for Pretty 4 Ever isn't unreasonable for anyone looking for erotic nudity of the Russian-babe kind.


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