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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Being a 6'8" man is a bittersweet life. People are easily intimidated by me, but women are also easily attracted to me. Those women are rarely my size, though, so it makes hugging and kissing while standing rather awkward. Being a total giant, I guess the only answer is that I'll have to find myself a giantess. What's this? Could I have found one on Kelsey Obsession?

Technically no, but KelseyObsession does let us imagine what it might be like to have the 50-foot woman go on a rampage before, during and after masturbating. That's not all, though. Besides filming scenes with plastic army men and pretending to be a giantess, Kelsey also films vids that have her farting more than a cow that's been fed nothing but beans and corn. There's pee play, lesbian fun, Femdom and more, too.

Basically, her obsession is with anything and everything fetish related. There are 413 movies and all of them can be downloaded in several full-length video formats. The 2012 ones are listed as coming with HD MP4 files, but in actuality, every movie is available in high-def regardless of the format. Most also come with a smaller MP4 video meant for your mobile devices.

The design isn't the fanciest I've seen, but it is easy enough on the eyes. It's also pretty functional, giving you the option to sort by date and by alphabet, as well as to filter by content category and the models who appear in them. There are no photos, but each scene has a preview thumb and written description to help you get an idea as to what it's about.

The pricing is typical, but those of you wanting to save extra can opt for a special rebill price called the "Kelsey Fan" special. Just note that it has a hefty initial price, so it's only worth your while if you want to remain a member for minimum seven months. At the opposite end of the spectrum, there's also a "Financial Slave" special price that allows you to throw 100 bucks a month at her instead of paying the regular cost. This Femdom-themed pricing is the closest you get to any bonuses.

Kelsey Obsession isn't the best fetish site I've ever reviewed, but it's worth joining. It's got plenty of unique content that explores some less-explored kinks and the quality is always top-notch. It should also be noted that new scenes arrive almost every day.

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