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By: Adam Strong
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In my many years of porn watching and reviewing, I've come across quite a number of amateur sites. Some have genuine homemade smut and others only have wannabe pornstars pretending to offer such. Open Love Site offers one of the genuine couples and stars Misha and Yan, who are proud citizens of the Earth. This means they're environmentally conscientious, politically aware and do tons of volunteer work. It also means they have sex on the beach, in lovely forests and in tons of exotic locations around the world.

Being sexually liberated, Misha and Yan love to film themselves and share the action with us on OpenLoveSite. The content feels a lot like an erotic travel blog as a result, which gives it a really unique appeal that I think many amateur fans will enjoy. The action can be found in 88 movies and 67 photo sets.

Despite most of the material being watermarked with the name of another site, it's actually all exclusive. Back in 2005, Misha made a similar site with her boyfriend at the time. After about two years, they broke up and she maintained it by herself for a while before meeting Yan. They then continued the site together and in November 2011 re-launched it as it is now.

This one is a huge improvement over their past site, as it's much more appealing to the eye, busier (without seeming cluttered), and offers much more user interaction. The two maintain everything themselves and are quick to respond to all comments made by users. As for the content itself, there's no official schedule, but they typically offer at least two new vids and just as many pic sets every month.

The content from both the old and current site is only that which stars Misha by herself and when she's with Yan. It's easy to see that they're honestly making love as opposed to just fucking and also that they honestly love making it ("it" meaning both the site and the hardcore sex). The clarity of the movies depends on which camera they used and how lit the area they fucked in was, so some of the older scenes aren't as clear as others. However, the oldest scenes offer good-quality playback and the trend for some time now has been to provide HD videos.

The pics are generally the same deal in regards to lighting and clarity, but it looks like they're less consistent when it comes to the overall size. They all come in Zip folders, but while some have high-res shots, others only offer medium-res ones. How recent a set is has no influence on this.

On a final note, all the dialogue is in another language, but it's also subtitled in English for you. Misha and Yan's lust for life and lust for each other's lovemaking is the biggest attraction by far, so while some might wish there was more material, amateur fans will be glad they signed up to Open Love Site.

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  • Comment by: Misha and Yan

    Score: 100% Date: 03/26/2012

    Hi Rabbit! Let me ask you, when we run Open Love Site, how often would you expect to be the good video update frequency? :) We do one photoset every two weeks, and one video every two weeks - one sexy content per week
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/26/2012): Hey Misha and Yan! We like to see sites updating at least a video per week. That's a good starting point.