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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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The Spanish word for pussy is "toto." (Do you think they named Dorthy's dog as some kind of ironic joke?) Toticos is derived from the word toto and is Spanish for "small pussy." I'm not sure why Shimmy (the guy behind the site) chose the name, because the girls he fucks don't have particularly small vaginas. I figure he liked the way it sounded like Tostitos, although this site's logo is no longer modeled after that brand of tortilla chips.

Toticos is the kind of site I really like and one that you don't see very often. It is a real "reality" site. Shimmy moved from Florida to the Dominican Republic over a year ago and has spent that time getting to know the country and its girls. As he likes to point out on the tour, this site has a "no bullshit guaranteed." These aren't pornstars or scripted scenarios. The videos are as much about the interacting and hanging out with the girls as they are about getting his nuts off.

In fact, there is a part of a scene I watched where he is pouring a glass of wine for himself and the chick he is with and talking to the camera, telling us how nothing is scripted. He just turns the camera on and lets things happen. He says he listens to all the feedback, but knows he can't please everyone. This is a perfect example of how genuine the content is. And I really like that. However, that doesn't mean I really like the site.

The site's design is relatively appealing and it's not as awkward as it used to be to navigate. There's still the issue of having all the content on one page, but now it's easier to tell when a scene is just a photo set. You still have to click the other scenes to see if it's just a video or both a video and a photo set, though. At any rate, once you work your way through the list of updates, you'll figure out that there are 11 videos and 16 photo galleries.

It seems as if they've removed the ability to download the flicks, so you're left to stream the MP4s online, but at least they give you high-def playback. You also won't find any Zip files for the photo sets. Some of the vids that don't have photos do have vid caps.

Those who appreciate true amateur candid porn that is more than just the sex will be curious about this site. You can even check out a few trailers on the tour. In the end, I can't recommend a site with this amount of content. Hopefully it'll grow eventually, but, as of now, no new videos have been added since January 2014 and the newest pics date to March of that same year.

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  • Comment by: PKT

    Score: N/A Date: 09/26/2014

    This is the worst site ever, no downloads and there are only 6 videos. Also the site never updates.

  • Comment by: Ransal

    Score: N/A Date: 04/30/2013

    No updates at all!!!!!.