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Updated on: 01/23/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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When you've seen as many porn sites as I have, nothing really shocks you. But what is sometimes surprising is how modest - rather than explicit - porn can sometimes be. That's how I feel about Pexual. I've never seen anything like it and what sets it apart isn't what it shows, but what it doesn't show. The focus here is extremely narrow.

Pexual is about men's pecs, with hunky bodybuilders showing off their pumped-up and developed pectoral muscles. The studs stimulate their own nipples and also have them caressed by the hands of someone behind them whom you never see.

I've always liked nipples. (I'm sure the fact that I wasn't breastfed has nothing to do with my fantasies of suckling on them whether they're male or female.) And seeing them as the sole focus in 424 scenes is unique. The only things you'll hear are muffled ambient sounds or very loud trance music. Unfortunately, you can only stream them and they come in average-looking files.

I've always managed to date dudes who had little feeling in their nips. The last guy had pierced nipples he claimed he got because he was wasted. They were memorable-looking, but were mostly for decoration. That's why I appreciate the hunks in these scenes, even though there aren't any pics to ogle them in.

Even if you can't see much below the waist, the expressions on their faces indicate how much they enjoy having their erect nipples played with. They love it whether it's an anonymous stranger shielded by their chiseled bods and pulling on them, or if they're tugging on their own. One guy has a pec stimulator that he fashioned from a clothes hanger!

The design is very plain with just a black background, but the navigation is simple. There are five videos per page and you can just browse through them until a dude catches your attention. There are pumped-up white dudes and muscled ebony fellows to salivate over. I didn't see a ton of body hair, but some men have ink. One guy even employs the use of clamps.

The website continues to update and has given us five new movies in the last 30 days. There's already a good amount of content and you certainly won't see these hot scenes anywhere else. Still, I'm on the fence when it comes to Pexual, because the videos should really be downloadable and higher in quality.

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