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Updated on: 12/31/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1147
Average Score: 65

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  • There have been 32 videos and photo sets added to the collection.
  • The site was redesigned and is now part of the GF Leaks network, so members can check out a few bonus sites.

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I admit I haven't dated many ebony girls in my time, but only due to a lack of success in being able to pick them up. Between you and me, I've always fantasized about having a black girlfriend, preferably one who is kind, funny, loving and pretty much a total nympho. I wonder if technology has advanced to the point of telepathy, because the content on Black GFs seems to have made all my dreams into reality.

OK, technically it's nothing that sophisticated. In actuality, BlackGFs is home to amateur porn in which all of the chicks are, well, black. The tour implies that some of the content is taken from social networking sites, cell phones and other public sources, but I'd take that with a grain of salt.

It doesn't make any of the action less arousing, though. Some scenes feel scripted, but I didn't see any big-name pornstars. Every movie shows a black babe getting fully naked at some point, if not already starting off in the buff or in a sexy thong. If the scene is being filmed by her boyfriend, then you can expect to see POV blowjobs, sex and cumshots.

There are even a couple of threesomes among the 214 movies, as well as solo scenes. I spotted a few in which babes are using either a camcorder or cell phone to film themselves posing naked in front of a mirror. Some of the 218 photo galleries are also like that, but most are either reenactments of the videos or were literally taken at the same time. New content gets posted every seven days.

The clarity and lighting varies a bit depending on the scene, but only to the point of making it more believable that these are indeed amateur productions. When it comes to overall quality, the movies look good. The pics are also clear enough to enjoy, despite not being all that large. I should also point out that some are mixed with vid caps.

The videos can't be downloaded, but there are bonus flicks that you can stream and download. Those extra scenes are lifted from nonexclusive DVDs, but they give you a good variety of hardcore content, most of which features black babes or at least black dudes in interracial action. Aso included with a membership now are a few bonus sites like Crazy Asian GFs and Dare Dorm that are part of the GF Leaks network.

Black GFs offers a decent number of videos and the overall quality and hotness of the girls is worth noting. The fact that you can't download the movies is what holds the site back. However, with a new design it's looking better than ever and now that it gives you access to bonus sites, you're getting a bit more for you money too.

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  • Comment by: BIGGDAWG33

    Score: 75% Date: 06/08/2015

    Pros: The young talent they find are often very hot and fresh faces that I haven't seen anywhere else. Unfortunately, the Pro's end there!

    Cons: NON DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT!!!!...Really? In 2015, not an option! The scenes are some of the corniest porn I have EVER seen...just get to the fucking and sucking already! Who is recording this...I understand they want to give it a home recorded feeling but for a paid site, I expect to see so much more and better quality angles! Most time you don't even get to see who is in the scene...just ass and cunt shots...not cool

    If it wasn't for the girls and the POTENTIAL this site has, it would be below 50...

  • Comment by: Glen_Glen

    Score: 20% Date: 04/19/2015

    This website has potential but SEVERAL things are ruining. First of all, videos can't be downloaded. This site is an automatic FAIL for that reason alone. Second of all, the camera work is HORRIFIC. Everything is shot in first person (POV) with a low quality camera and the camera man CANNOT hold the camera still. Third of all, they barely show the porn stars' bodies. The whole point of watching porn is to look at the bodies of porn stars and all we get is EXTREME closeups of the female anatomy as if we're in biology class. Fourth of all, updates are SLOW. This site updates extremely infrequently. Fifth of all, the sex scenes are some of the most boring I've witnessed in my life. It's gotten to the point where I don't even bother watching most updates.

    The ONLY reason I gave this site a 20% and not a zero is because they do a good job of finding hot, black female talent. But they're doing a HORRIBLE job of showing off this talent. WHAT A WASTE OF POTENTIAL!!

  • Comment by: KWF

    Score: 50% Date: 09/04/2014

    Pro: Nice site with good scenes and girls.

    Con: Can't download videos. As such, I can't recommend.

  • Comment by: BIGGDAWG

    Score: 3% Date: 08/06/2014

    DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE PICTURES, YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY OF THOSE GIRLS ON THE SITE! This site is nothing more than staged sex scenes...boring with the same useless guy. Some of the girls are sexy but the sex is EXTRA threesomes! no girl/girl! nothing special here! To top that off you cannot download the videos.

    This site IS NOT worth the money...get Bang Bros or Reality Kings and see much more original content and better girls....what a rip!

  • Comment by: ro

    Score: 2% Date: 12/02/2013

    Wish I had read the review below. This site is crap. Videos don't load, pictures crash.

    Hopefully I get my money back.

    Do NOT join this site.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/03/2013): Hi, ro. You didn't leave an email address. If you joined in the last 3 days, contact us by one of the methods above and we'll get your membership refunded, per our Trusted Partner Guarantee.

  • Comment by: Fudd

    Score: N/A Date: 11/16/2012

    I'd love to say something good about this, but I can't at all. I was surprised that my $2 2-day membership gave me nothing that I couldn't have seen on the site as a non-paying member. I think we've all been ripped off for a limited membership, get zapped with a monthly recurring charge if you're not careful...but it used to be that AT LEAST you could see some of the goods for the cost of your trial. Can't at