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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I have to say that Carib Boys was not what I was expecting because it doesn't sound like you'll be getting straight sex here. However, couples with dark skin are only part of it. These men also masturbate alone (occasionally in the company of women), so it doesn't really fit your standard ebony category. I guess some female fans might admire those big dicks though.

You won't see the content here anywhere else and I haven't seen that many sites from the Caribbean, period. The scenes are all shot outside in what looks like a clearing in a tropical jungle or sometimes they're done right on the beach, but either way lighting isn't a problem. Even so, I'm still impressed with the quality because CaribBoys is definitely a homemade endeavor.

That said, this collection is tiny, with only 14 scenesand just as few photo sets. Nothing is dated, but given how there have only been eight updates since our previous visit, assuming they update regularly means a new scene is added once every three to four months. At least the best scenes are in HD. You can also check out large pics in the photo galleries, but there are no Zip files and the shots are only medium-res.

Again, at lot of the action seems to focus on the male physique. In some of the scenes, even if there is a hot sista, she takes a backseat to how much the guy appears to be into himself. The girls seem to serve the purpose of passive fluffers, even if one chick lets the guy stick his dick (not just his fingers) into her pussy. She only lets it happen briefly and she also sucks him a bit before it switches to him masturbating while fingering her chocolate box.

One of the guys with one of the biggest dicks puts on quite a show. He fingers some pussy and enjoys a handjob from his female costar, but he often ignores her to make love to the camera. If I was as young, handsome, hung and buff as he is, I'd be a bit vain too. He does finger her while jerking his load onto her stomach though.

I wish that updates were more frequent because there's a lot of potential here. And I think the site would be more appealing if it offered bonus sites, especially considering how small it is. As it stands, Carib Boys has some serious growing to do before I can recommend it.

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