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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1381
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Big Daddy could also be called Gay Caddy because it is like a handy repertoire of gay porn that follows you around all day. Every time you're looking for a good, firm stroke you can count on this collection to deliver a substantial wood, long shaft and large head that you can grip firmly with both hands. It will have you shooting one high out of the scrub. (I'm sure for some of you, it will be off of a carefully trimmed or completely mowed fairway.)

Why the metaphor? Well, golf always seems gay friendly. It's played outdoors, but only in the most carefully manicured environment. There are the outfits, too, but they can swing either way. I have to end the metaphor there, though, because any time I've seen golf on TV I turned the channel to something more exciting, like the Paint Drying Network.

BigDaddy on the other hand will definitely keep the stiff part, but lose the bored. You can expect something new 2-4 times per week these days and the selection here is already large. You will find 916 videos and most of them come with photo sets and sets of vid caps while some only offer the screen grabs. In all, there are about 816 photo galleries. Quality does vary, but you'll find most of the vids are HD and the photos are generally high-res.

The sites on this network have reality-based themes as you may be able to tell by some of their names. For example, Out In Public does indeed show gay sex happening in public places. There's an added second meaning, because some of the dudes are supposed to be straight. Even though I'm pretty sure that the actors are all preselected (gay or gay for pay), the scenes do push the envelope. I've even read articles in mainstream newspapers complaining about their daring shoots.

Another public gay-sex site is Project City Bus and things get gnarly in a good way with hot strippers and a horny audience on Sausage Party. Two other standout sites in my opinion are the interracial offerings: Thug Hunter (hung white boy goes after ebony studs) and Its Gonna Hurt (monster black poles in tiny white holes). There are currently 15 sites all told on this network.

You can browse the sites individually or you can go through all the content from all the sites page after page. For each scene you can give it a thumbs up (if you like it) and save it to your favorites for quick access. You can't leave comments, but there are content tags available with most scenes.

All in all, Big Daddy is a pretty good website. With lots of high-quality content, it's a mega-site that you'll want to make some time for.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Jayk

    Score: 50% Date: 09/01/2013

    "Big Daddy" currently features 15 sites of several tastes which are updated quite irregularily. Especially originally all-American sites like "Haze Him" have seen only few updates in recent years, none in 2013 so far.
    There's a noticeable shift towards bareback porn often featuring well-known east-European models like Denis Reed, Leo Cooper or Ennio Guardi, especially true for "Out in public" where no safe-sex content has been added after 2012/03.
    Most sites do not give the "names" of the models featured in the videos although the "Big Daddy" site itself has a models section,
    but you have to browse the pages of guys to find the model you are looking for.
    Videos come as embedded Flash or downloadable as WMV or MP4.

  • Comment by: Ben Benji

    Score: 80% Date: 03/25/2013

    There are 12 sites linked to Big Daddy. At the time of this posting only 4 sites were updating and all of those are now European and bareback. Average 4 updates a week across just 4 of the 12 sites.

    Rub Him - Last updated March 23, 2013
    Out In Public - Last updated March 22, 2013
    Bareback Attack - Last updated March 21, 2013
    Bareback Casting - Last updated March 20, 2013

    It's Gonna Hurt - Last updated July 10, 2012
    Un Gory Hole - Last updated April 25, 2012
    Urban Invasion - Last updated April 15, 2012
    Thug Hunter - Last updated April 9, 2012
    Project City Bus - Last updated March 18, 2012

    Ex BF - Last updated Sept 22, 2011
    Sausage Party - Last updated July 27, 2011
    Butter Loads - Last updated Oct 9, 2010

    It's a shame that there is no new American as the dialogue in Rub Him could be quite hot. The European updates are Ok, especially in Out in Public but I do wish they got rid of the bareback element. There is a lot to enjoy here.

  • Comment by: RAC

    Score: 50% Date: 02/28/2013

    Lots of scenes with current porn models. The action is mostly...tepid. Not one scene made me think "That's so HOT!" And fer chrissakes, most scenes fail to name at least one of the models, making it a hassle to find all the scenes with a favorite dude. Spend your money elsewhere.

  • Comment by: Robert

    Score: 60% Date: 02/08/2013

    Pro- lots of content, lots of typically hot dudes, decent action. Which is true of far better mega-sites, like Cocky Boys, Next Door World, Bel Ami, and

    Con- file sizes/quality highly variable, where a HD file one week is 1 gig, and next week "HD" is 300mb. Only one option for WMV, which is sometimes not available, leading to error messages. And for some reason, this is true for EVERY. SINGLE. Unglory Hole video I've tried to download.

    Big Con- I actually WANTED the pre-checked trial offer for Haze Him, as I find those offers, when cancelled before the trial ends, can mean finding lots of great stuff quickly for cheap. The Haze Him "trial" allowed me to simply watch ONE scene, and 0 downloading available. Worst trial I've ever had. So definitely wouldn't take up the Bait Bus trial that is available either.

  • Comment by: mss

    Score: 10% Date: 10/26/2012

    The content of this site is "hot", in that it goes to extremes without blinking. But the models are treated like dirt by the top in the videos who is a very subhuman individual. You will not know whether you have cum or vomited. Life is hard for some of us who have no sexual outlet and get so horny. But no matter how horny you get do not give money to these guys. Find some other way to get your rocks off. Buy some safe sex porn or a new dildo. This site is bad.