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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Although I may have fantasized a few times about having sex with a straight guy, I'm no pro at seducing them. Then again, once your lips are wrapped around their dick, are they really going to care that you're not a chick? According to Bait Bus Mobile, the answer is "No!"

Actually, you will see some hunks act a bit pissed off when they realize that they've been dealt the whole bait-and-switch thing. All the same, they still manage to keep their cocks hard and (shock of all shocks) spew massive loads of spunk. BaitBusMobile's scenes do prove the old, rather poetic adage that "a hole is a hole is a hole."

There are 340 videos to stream as MP4 files and they look good. You no longer have the option to also view them in a series of clips and because the full-length version is such a large file, not all the movies work on older mobile devices. (When in doubt, if the file has a small HD symbol on the preview screenshot, anything older than an iPhone 3 won't play it.)

Besides the single preview screen grab, there aren't any photos. The main movie page, regardless of whether you sort by highest rated or latest movie, shows you just the scene title, the thumbnail and a date. Click on a scene and you also get a write-up detailing what bait-and-switch method they used to get him in the van.

Even though you can sort by highest rated, you don't have the option to rate the scenes. My guess is that this is because all of the movies are the same ones as the desktop version, Bait Bus, where you actually can rate scenes, so they are actually calculated from over there. You can access that site as a bonus.

The design is appealing for a mobile device, but the navigation has actually gotten a bit worse over time. Gone is the option to use keyword tags and the model index can only be viewed when you're logged out. Your only way of browsing the scenes is to rely on "next" and "back" buttons. At 10 scenes per page, this is already a pain in the butt.

If gay-for-pay performers can teach a straight guy anything, it should be that if a van pulls up with a hot babe who looks like a pornstar and someone says that not only can you expect hot action from her, but also that you'll get paid, not just laid - you'd better think again. The porn that pays and is looking for fresh man meat is always gay. No one needs to cruise the street looking for hunky heteros to do girls.

This collection is definitely worth your time and money. There hasn't been an update since January 2014, but you've still got enough content here to keep you going for a while. Bait Bus Mobile is a great way to watch straight guys getting tricked and dicked whenever you're on the go.

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