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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Sometimes I find myself out of the house, maybe riding on the bus or just sitting in a store waiting for a female friend of mine to finish her clothes shopping, and I really want a little tease. You might think watching my friend come in and out of the changing room would do the trick, but it doesn’t always work. That is where a site like Tease Glam Mobile could come in handy. (Not too handy though - remember, I am in public.)

TeaseGlamMobile is a mobile mega-site, but you wouldn't necessarily know it from just browsing. There is no list of sites (as is usually the case) and the only way I knew what site a scene was taken from was because the name of the site was on the preview thumbnail. Also, although each scene has some tags, there is no "sitename" tag to just get content from any one site.

One final navigation issue that bears mentioning is how to find all the content. It appears that everything is available right from the homepage. You can click through a number of pages and I was going to assume that was all the content. However, if you go into the "see all" section and select "browse by movie" I discovered almost double the number of scenes - for a total of 99 movies, with no photos.

Each video streamed nicely on the iPod Touch I was using and they looked pretty good. I had no problem enjoying the simple tease/softcore vids. And that is exactly what they are. There is no setup or pretext to anything I checked out. The scene fades in and the girl or girls slowly tease you for about five minutes or so.

Some of them go topless, while others like to keep their boobs covered while they smile and move and tease you with their sexily covered gorgeous bodies. To give you a better sense of the content, here are a few of the sitenames that make up the collection: Lovers Of Stockings, Models Tits and Nylon Loverz.

Part of me was disappointed to see that this mobile version has only about a quarter of the content as the non-mobile version. However, this site is pretty new and with updating almost every day it is growing at a nice pace. And with so much more material available, they shouldn’t have any issues with updating for a long time to come.

The glam babes are gorgeous British hotties and if you are looking for simple and elegant tease vids with no extras to get in the way, then these hotties will provide you with exactly that. Access to the non-mobile version of the site isn't included and because of that you have to decide where you will spending most of your teasing time and if it is "on the go," then maybe a membership is worth considering.

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