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Updated on: 05/15/2016

Satine Von Stratten  

By: Satine Von Stratten
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Since we last visited WilliamHiggins...

  • They've added 936 photo sets and 6,624 movies and the site continues to update 1-2 times a day.
  • The download limit went from 7GB to 11GB for the first 30 days that you're a member. 
  • They advertise 4K movies, but they're 1440p, not 2160p.

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Have you ever heard about the brother of Henry Higgins? He does for lads what old Henry did for one cockney gal. Okay, I'm pretty sure that William Higgins has no relation to the fictional lead of "My Fair Lady." William isn't really into refining rough-around-the-edges young men into fine gentlemen with refined speech and manners. He's more about getting them naked on camera.

I had actually seen a free sample gallery somewhere from WilliamHiggins in my personal porn browsing and suggested that we do a review. Seeing the inside of the site, I know that my instincts were right because this collection was worth checking out more closely. In a few words, the site and models are beautiful.

You're going to see the best of what European males can bring you. You'll see all kinds of cute young men from places like the Czech Republic. There are slim twinks and more muscular jocks. You'll get solo sessions, softcore duos, naughty massages, wrestling, circle jerks, blowjobs and anal sex.

There are 11,849 videos at the moment, with many archived clips on an old version of the site (9,554 to be exact). You can expect to find many Full HD flicks in the collection. They advertise some at 4K, but the specs were too low for 4K (1440p instead of the standard 2160p). You can also stream them and there are files for mobile devices. They add one or two new scenes every day, which means you'll never run out of gay action.

You can also check out more than 13,236 photo galleries and, again, a large portion of these, 10,941 in fact, are archived shoots. The quality varies a lot, but for a few months now they've been adding high-res pics to download in Zip Files. You can also see them in an automated Flash slideshow or HTML gallery.

There aren't separate sections distinguishing the videos and photos, but you can browse the content by page or use the calendar. Using the pages might be a little annoying since it doesn't let you skip ahead by more than three at a time, but using the calendar is a lot simpler because you can search by date and month, which brings up all the updates from a particular month. You can also comment on the videos, add content tags and save them to your favorites.

The only bummer is that there's a daily download limit of 11GB for the first 30 days that you're a member, but if you stick around longer you get unlimited download access. What I really like is that they show you how much you've used up, so you're not left trying to keep track in your head. Overall, William Higgins seems like a very good deal and is easy to recommend.

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    Great stuff! Want more!