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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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The urge to watch a chick get fucked in the ass can strike at any time and, speaking from experience, you'll sometimes get that urge when you're nowhere near your computer. At times like that, you can either accept your unfortunate situation or you can do something about it by pulling out your (no, not that!) portable device of choice and accessing Gaping Angels Mobile.

There are 421 scenes here taken from DVDs releases like "Angel Perverse," "Euro Domination" and "Nasty Intentions." The movies often depict hot babes getting fucked by hung guys, but there are some lesbian scenes to check out as well. Whether they're straight or girl-on-girl, the hotties always end up with something in their asses.

The films load pretty quickly (obviously this can be effected by the quality of your internet connection) and they look good on the small screen. Also, you can jump back and forth through the scenes as much as you like, which makes it easy to get right to the gaping part if you just can't wait. Finding ones that'll appeal to you isn't much of an issue either because you can use content tags.

The tag thing is definitely the way to browse the material if you have an idea of what you want to see (or using the list of categories), because the alternative is to go through dozens of pages of content with nothing but thumbnails to tell you what the vids are about. Plus, you can only go one page at a time or skip to the last page. If you want a specific page, there is no way to access it without doing the page-by-page thing. Plus, you can't save your favorites.

The website doesn't seem to have an update schedule that's set in stone. The most recent one is from just over 30 days ago. There aren't any photos to be had, but you are given access to the non-mobile version, Gaping Angels.

If you consider yourself an anal aficionado, you might consider joining Gaping Angels Mobile. Get yourself a membership, so that you can check out some awesome anal insertions whenever you want and regardless of where you are.

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