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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Have you ever wondered what goes on during a sorority pledge? Well, watching the videos on Haze Her won't show you what really happens, but it will show you what we all like to believe goes on behind those closed pink doors of your local university.

HazeHer bills itself as home to video submissions from sororities of hazing rituals with their pledges. They say that all the submissions are real. In fact, the site uses the word "real" multiple times on the tour. And you know what? We all know it isn't real, but I have to say that these vids are good enough that I didn't care. I just wanted to watch them all.

There are 57 videos that each spend about half an hour putting the hot pledges through some crazy paces. The pretty "sisters" are demanding and it seems like nothing pleases them more than humiliating the pledges who so desperately want to be sisters too that they will do anything asked of them.

This includes stripping, taking verbal abuse, being put on a leash, being put on display for a group of guys, cleaning the house, smelling other pledges' asses and pussies, licking ass and pussy, sucking and riding strapons, sucking cock, etc. You get the idea. You can use keyword tags to filter out similar scenes and also save your favorites and rate the scenes.

Not only are the chicks hot, but they are also good performers. There isn't lots of looking at the camera or bad acting. In fact, I found the scenes as believable as they could possibly be. And seeing as much porn as I have, I might even be a little jaded to "real reality" claims.

I am not jaded to high-quality content, though, and that is what you get here. The videos can be streamed in an embedded player (three different qualities) and downloaded in a few formats, including a portable one, a good-quality Windows Media version and an HD MP4 file. Each movie comes with a set of high-res pics. You can download the 57 photo galleries in Zip files.

The site isn't necessarily busting with material (unless we count the bonus movies) and to make matters worse it hasn't posted anything new since November 2013. Those are definitely problems, but, despite these issues, Haze Her has enough going for it that it's worth a look.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Dave

    Score: 20% Date: 04/18/2014

    I repeat what "Wink" said: The site is dead. No more updates.

  • Comment by: Wink

    Score: 10% Date: 03/06/2014

    The site is dead. No more updates.

  • Comment by: tomd

    Score: 30% Date: 10/29/2013

    Be aware, the tour is very misleading, it shows 160 videos, and implies there are even more. When I joined, there were only 55 actually available. Apparently, the others are being remastered, and will trickled out over the next few years.

    Videos which aren't on the site shouldn't be on the tour.

    When you sign up you are also automatically signed up to a 2 day trial of another website, which rebills at $40! If you don't notice the checkbox, you are going to get stung.

    Content is reasonably interesting, sound quality and camera work are sometimes a bit below par.

    Won't be signing up the any more Bang Bros sites. I don't like being misled in this way.

  • Comment by: 123213

    Score: 25% Date: 04/09/2013

    I ordered it. First of all, the site is NOT IN SSL. I am connecting in my home wifi, but if you are connecting it through public / free wifi then **Don't** because this site is not "secure" and anyone nearby can see your credit card numbers. I messaged support about it and got a useless canned response. Security is important, HazeHer /BangBros doesn't care.

    Second, the trial version only allows you to see 1 video. That's it. It's highly misleading, but it might be in the terms and services somewhere (who reads?).

    There are 42 videos as of writing. Problem: About 25 minutes of each video involves girls eating each others out. This is repetitive as hell. The other 10 or 15 minutes? Covers quite a wide range of stuff, but REPETITION. Many vids of same stuff. It does have some good moments in it, but rare.

    Now, about the download speed: Being in Australia, I find 200kb/s quite good. Happy on that front.

    Overall.. 20 of the 42 videos are crap. Now was my $30 worth it for half of the 22 videos that doesn't involve eating each other out? Yes, I say it's worth it. I don't feel it has a lot of value, but I don't feel ripped off extra.

    If you're into this, get the $30 subscription, download the good videos and make sure to cancel.

  • Comment by: Jaimes Palacio

    Score: 2% Date: 07/30/2012

    If it was anything else NO ONE would excuse
    this site's callousness, sloppiness and constant technical obstacles. What a bloody disappointment this site has been.

    Hey look, I know The Bang Brothers are secret homosexuals who just care about, apparently, seeing a man's dick every thirty seconds but for us STRAIGHT guys when you put 15 cute girls in a room but only 4 -6 ,on average, get naked it's NOT COOL.

    Whoever thought that this is even remotely acceptable is a goddamn twit.

    The Bang Brothers are consummate con artists. The only reason they claim their websites are real is because they are greedy and lazy. By using the "reality" cover they can pay porn stars more cheaply to be extras. Damn the poor saps who are handed these second-hand dinners. Who cares about them: it's only porn we can do what the bloody fuck we want. The reality cover also, apparently supplies them a reason to hire ADD afflicted cameramen who have NO idea on how to frame a shot. (for ten years I worked making movies-so I DO know)

    This laziness extends to the pic sections. Instead of editing for only the best they throw batches of redundancy at us and we need to do the extra work to weed them out. Often the screen caps are too blurry to be of any use.

    They could just forgo the screen caps IF the pictures showed ALL the action, but of course that would mean more thought and care into the process and they must (no matter if it's so
    ridiculous a notion as to be ludicrous) that the sites are "reality" based.

    (don't EVEN bother trying to prove to me that they are. Several websites have done the research for me. Plus I spotted SEVERAL porn stars in multiple Bang Brothers sites)

    Here is the thing. I DON'T CARE if it's real. I don't really want it to be. It's all about fantasy. And most porn companies RUIN that fantasy. CFNM and CFNF must die! And this whole "humiliation" trend with it!

    CUTE GIRLS should NEVER be extras in porn. You show a gun in act one, it should be used in act 2.

  • Comment by: 323

    Score: 60% Date: 05/04/2012

    Concept is hot, but just kind of the same thing. Lesbo themed games, all ends in each other eating one another out. Same talent video to video.

  • Comment by: Ely1CambsUK

    Score: 20% Date: 05/01/2012

    Pro; Well Lesbian fans:) Sadly not much in the way of Pro on this web site as when I check it out for a monthly fee of $25 and all I got was 17 broken slow volume playing 'dub' looking movies on one channel which I ended up losing the plot after 10 minutes every time but other than that I did like the idea of these movies and BangBros who seem to have this web site as an extra should at least have another go at putting these little gums back together and adding at least another 12 or more before charging the public to download I say !

    Overall; Pretty good the idea of young college women getting abuse in there dorms and force to play dirty games with a group of Dikes :) but sadly the poor camera job just didn't do any favours with the Volume :( But I will be keeping an eye on this web site again for another 12 months time when things improve I hope for there sake..

    Score; (20)